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Agrupación de los Cuerpos de la Administración de Instituciones Penitenciarias

Sindicato afiliado a USO



Alicante | 24 de February de 2017

Informs that you for day 3 March and 12 hours this planned a concentration against the Central Government, convened by ACAIP, CSIF and CCOO and UGT unions among other issues by aggressions and lack of staff suffered in prisons of Alicante.


PDF Download call Union joint (PDF document)




Granada | 24 de February de 2017

On the afternoon of Thursday 23 February three officials had to be cared for by the prison medical services, and two of them moved to a hospital after emergency, as result of the brutal aggression of which were victims from an internal of the module of isolation, Department intended to internal hazardous and very hazardous e maladjusted to the regime of life ordinary, and that currently is to the maximum of its capacity as come denouncing from makes time them unions.


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Opening term modification sizes and presses even 2017


Madrid | 23 de February de 2017

The term for the modification of sizes and garments begins the day 27 of February until the 17 of March 2017 through the web:


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Granada | 23 de February de 2017

The Director of Albolote prison has taken reprisals against officials of surveillance, they were 24 hours since unions announced the breakdown of dialogue with the Director (in fact did not go to the meeting with the direction on the work schedule, or will do so to the Committee on occupational safety and health, because it does not represent a forum for discussion and consultation) (, but only imposition of positions taken by the address) so this has cut the number of officials of surveillance that can enjoy their holidays and days of permission, repeating what it did in the year 2015 when there was a previous cut.

PDF Download joint trade union statement (PDF document)


A very dangerous internal wounds, spits and tries to bite the officials at the prison in Picassent


Picassent | 23 de February de 2017

Source: The provinces

Acaip denounces that the inmate "has the perception that all incidents which plays leave you free-

A very dangerous internal attempted to attack and bite to officials in the penitentiary establishment of Picassent (Valencia) while threatening them of death, as reported by the Acaip Union in a statement. In accordance with the Trade Union, them made is produced the last Tuesday when the prison,-rated in first grade of treatment, which is applied to them internal more dangerous-, is was in the module 20 of the unit of preventive of the establishment prison.


Siete Aguas, stop and plunged into uncertainty three years prison


Valencia | 22 de February de 2017

Source: The provinces

He Government not clarifies the future of the new prison while officials of Picassent is paramount that is build to the congestion of the Centre.

The penitentiary East II, better known as Siete Aguas prison, should have been a reality last year. So he projected at the time of the Government of Zapatero. However, future Valencia prison intended to decongest Picassent is today a fenced skeleton of bricks and cement in the area of El Campillo. And without more activity that it's a vigilante that candle to it little that there is built not finish looted.

And the most surprising thing is that no government agency is able to provide a response on the future of built facilities, halfway, with the money of all. The Government delegation in the region, announced that work would resume in April 2016, be quiet now and gives the word to penitentiary institutions.


Acaip intervenes in TVE 1 on internal with problems mentally in the prisons.


Madrid | 21 de February de 2017


Instruction 3 / 2017 of the SGIIPP


Madrid | 21 de February de 2017

Procedure for issuing medical report and handling of the release by very serious disease with incurable diseases.


PDF Download the SGIIPP instruction 3/2017 (Document PDF)


"The transfer of the prison health is done during this parliamentary term"


Madrid | 20 de February de 2017

Source: The world

Deputy Director-general coordination of prison health, José Manuel Arroyo, pledged Friday to make prison health transfer to the autonomous communities "in this parliamentary term". The announcement, which was carried out in the framework of the meeting ' HIV. New challenges and opportunities for prison health, organized by CESIDA in Madrid, responds to a claim that it lasts for 14 years.

While in 2003 the law 16 / 2003 of Cohesion and quality of the system national of health specified that it health prison should leave of depending upon of institutions prison and pass to be managed by the communities autonomous-that have transferred the rest of competencies in matter health- only in Catalonia and country Basque is has fulfilled the mandate.


Called courses of the Institute national de management public. (INAP)


Madrid | 20 de February de 2017

Resolution of 15 of February of 2017, of the Institute national of management public, by which is summon actions training directed to personal management and predirectivo for the first semester of 2017. The courses are General, languages, information technology...


PDF (BOE-A-2017 - 1685 - 8 pages - 262 KB)

PDF (BOE-to-2017-1686-9 pp. -329 KB)

PDF (BOE-A-2017 - 1687 - 5 pages – 213 KB)

PDF (BOE-A-2017 - 1688 - 4 pages - 225 KB)


Resolution contest transfers body top of technical of II. PP


Madrid | 17 de February de 2017

Resolution of 2 February 2017, of the Ministry of security, which resolves the competition, organised by resolution of 20 September 2016 in the peripheral services of the General Secretariat of penitentiary institutions.



Acaip denounces a blackout that left officials "trapped and surrounded by prisoners"


Madrid | 16 de February de 2017

Source: Melilla today


The Union denounced this "serious incident" that claim to "endangered the integrity of prisoners and officials"


According to denounces the Union of prisons Acaip, to them seven of the afternoon of the last Sunday 12 of February, is produced a cut of fluid electric in the Department of preventive that caused that leave of work them devices of emergency. At that time the electric doors were blocked and officials "were for about 15 isolated minutes in the dark surrounded by internal", they added.

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Concentration in the subdelegation of the Government in Valencia "in defense of the freedom of Association and the rights of workers"


Valencia | 15 de February de 2017

In the morning a concentration is carried out at the door of the subdelegation of the Government in Valencia convened by the Board's staff of the administration of the State in this province, with the
support of the Committee of company of the AGE and of the unions of the Center prison of Picassent. To the same have children, besides them members of those bodies and unions conveners, workers of the Center prison.

The expulsion of them unions of them local Union of the Center, in which wore more than 24 years, is a retaliation by them critical Union to the management of the address in matter of personal, and by the realization of activities in the center that can put in risk the security of them workers.

PDF Acaip Valencia download links (Document PDF)


Villabona-«did years that not is saw a situation so tense in the jail»


Villabona | 15 de February de 2017

Fuente: La Voz de Asturias

Fuentes penitenciarias sostienen que el incidente surgido en Villabona con la visita de los diputados puso en grave riesgo la seguridad. Los funcionarios advierten que «pretender celebrar una asamblea en un patio de una prisión es incongruente»

«Fue una situación conflictiva y muy desagradable, de auténtico acoso y derribo. La seguridad debe primar por encima de todo y se corrió un gran riesgo. Se vivieron momentos de gran tensión en los que temimos que pudiera pasar algo grave y que no se pueden consentir en una cárcel». Así relatan fuentes penitenciarias la situación que se registró el pasado viernes, día 10, cuando una delegación de siete diputados, integrantes de la Comisión de Derechos Fundamentales de la Junta General del Principado, se desplazó hasta el Centro Penitenciario de Asturias con la intención inicial de conocer de primera mano la situación de las Unidades Terapéuticas y Educativas (UTEs).


The Vice-President of the Council meets with unions expelled from the prison in Picassent


Valencia | 14 de February de 2017

Yesterday at Acaip had knowledge of the visit to the center of the Vice President of the Consell Mrs. Mónica Oltra and asked to hold a meeting with her to discuss the situation in the Center after the expulsion of the unions of the local Union that had been occupying for 24 years without that provided them a suitable solution not only for them, but also for the workers. For 30 minutes has been exposed to the Vice President the history, facts and the current situation. Has could check of first hand as is aims to that is treats to them almost 1000 workers of the Center (the most of which work to shifts) by them 4 unions existing in a space of some 11 meters square, without heating, with leaks and moisture...


PDF Download links press Acaip - Valencia (PDF document)


CS will take initiatives to Congress to learn the "actual state" prison Albolote see more on:


Granada | 14 de February de 2017

Source: 20 minutes

The Deputy of the parliamentary group of citizens in the Congress by Granada, Luis Salvador, has advanced its intention to promote initiatives in the courts that allow to know the "actual state" workers officials and the prisoners in the jail of Albolote (Granada) and study the alternatives that ensure "maximum security" of them all.

As reported by Cs in a note, so Deputy announced after a visit to the prison along with the provincial deputy of Cs, Francisco Rodríguez Ríos, with whom he has toured facilities to check the State of the building and barracks, as well as the security measures, activities and works made by the prisoners.


Lack of personnel and stress overwhelm officials of Topas


Topas | 10 de February de 2017

Source: the North of Castile

Acaip held a meeting with Socialist Deputy David saw so you take their complaints to Congress.

The Union Acaip, majority in correctional institutions and in the Topas prison, returned yesterday denouncing the lack of personnel and the situations of tension living workers of Topas, after meeting with the Socialist Deputy for Salamanca David saw, within a round of contacts with which the Union seeks to inform members of the different political groups ' so that they will know the situation first-hand and par.a asking them to be interest from his role of representation of citizens and do what is in your hand before the Congress of Deputies, to correct it.


Unions take broken dialogue with the direction of the prison for "ignore" their claims


Granada | 10 de February de 2017

Source: The vanguard

The Union platform in the prison of Albolote (Granada), UGT, CCOO, FPAP, Acaip and CSIF, has been broken dialogue with the management of the prison to understand that at this time it has not made response to their demands, "ignoring the call for closure of departments, the reduction of the number of inmates or the hiring of temporary staff".

The decision has already been moved by writing to the director of the prison, according to they have informed the trade unions in a joint statement that reproach him its "repeated breach of the working calendar", through the standard provision of 24 hour continuous shifts, a timetable "not covered legally".

64 prisons Spanish still don't have since launched the system LexNET


Madrid | 09 de February de 2017

Source: The confidential

Them centers prison of Segovia and of Murcia are the unique that comply with the normative that entered in force the 1 of January.

Those bodies and forces of security of the State began also to use LexNET, according to the Covenant established between the ECGP and the Court Supreme. Them Center prison are having problems to it put up of them communications electronic, only two prisons comply with the mandate legal.

This confidential already told that from principles of January of 2017 an agreement of the Council General of power Judicial (CGPJ) and of the Court Supreme, prohibits send by fax the written related with issues in pending in the Court Supreme. Forcing to the use of the system LexNET implemented by the Ministry of Justice.


EUPV demands to the Government Central that allow to the unions of the prison of Picassent return to their spaces


Valencia | 07 de February de 2017

Were expelled of the Center prison the last 1 of February "apparently, as response to them critical that perform to your management and to them complaints about activities that put in risk the security of them"


PDF Download press (PDF document)


The banking demands to Interior counterparts to manage the millionaire ' nest egg ' of them prisoners


Madrid | 07 de February de 2017

Fuente: Vozpopuli

  • En los últimos meses han quedado desiertos los dos concursos de Interior para adjudicar la gestión de las más de 250 cuentas de Instituciones Penitenciarias.
  • Los bancos consideran inadmisible que Prisiones exija llevar cuatro veces al mes dinero en efectivo a cada una de las 84 cárceles españoles "sin coste alguno"
  • Interior ya reconocía en una instrucción interna del pasado mes de enero que "los justificados vaivenes del sector privado" le obligaban a tomar medidas de urgencia
  • El principal sindicato de funcionarios de prisiones, ACAIP, ya ha alertado de los diferentes riesgos que ello supone, entre ellos el blanqueo de capitales. Portavoces oficiales de Instituciones Penitenciarias han declinado atender los requerimientos de información realizados por este diario en los últimos días.



Madrid | 07 de February de 2017

The signatory unions present brief ACAIP-FPAP, CCOO, CSI-F, and UGT, come to file complaint with the repeated attack on the dignity and professionalism of employees and correctional employees of the penitentiary centre of Mallorca that is being carried out by certain media.

We are witnessing, in recent months, with incredulity and astonishment, a media campaign against the professionalism, dignity and honesty of the prison staff of the penitentiary centre of Mallorca, with dark targets that

PDF Download written set of Association (Document PDF)


Acaip denounces lack of practitioners in the zip code of Estremara


Madrid | 07 de February de 2017

D. Robert low in quality of delegate provincial of the grouping of them bodies of the administration of institutions regarding them [ACAIP], designating the EP Madrid VII-Estremera for the purposes of notifications comes to expose complaint by the lack of facultative of health prison in the EP Madrid VII-Estremera.


PDF Download complaint of Acaip (PDF document)


Again another aggression in the psychiatric hospital of Alicante


Alicante | 05 de February de 2017

He last Friday 3 of February, an internal of the Department of acute, module to which are intended for those patients that is are Decompensated Psychiatrically, reacted violently in presence of the rest of internal inferring insults to them workers repeatedly then a kick in them genital to the caretaker and a nudge to the official of surveillance, producing is a struggle in whose course these professional suffered various hits with result of bruises mild and contractures muscle by which had be assisted by the Center's own medical services.


PDF Download release aggression. (Document PDF)




Daroca | 04 de February de 2017

Today, around them twelve of the noon, in the room of TV of the module I, is has produced an incident serious, in circumstances of special risk, if consider that the room is was full of internal and of the typology prison of them themselves.  G.S. inmate attacked officers who tried to convince him to attend the Department of nursing at the request of the health services. Given the size and weight of the inmate was very risky and difficult reduction involving more than ten officials.




Huelva | 04 de February de 2017

Yesterday 3 of February is produced again another serious incident in the central prison of Huelva that is ended with another official injured. F.J.T.B. that had been arrested in Riotinto, was transferred by four members of the guard civil from the town Huelva to the Center prison, of great girth and expert in arts martial, to the be led by them officials to them dependencies of the Center, began to threaten of death to them officials present.


PDF Acaip Huelva download links (PDF document)




Madrid | 04 de February de 2017

Campus of the University of Madrid, Collado-Villalba (Madrid)
23 and March 24, 2017

The I Congress national penitentiary of the University at distance of Madrid, whose title is "the Spanish prison system. A retrospective from the Prisons Act to the Mandela rules", under the direction of Prof. Dr. D. Daniel Fernández Bermejo, will take place on 23 and 24 March 2017, in collaboration with the Union of prisons ACAIP and the Federation of associations of criminologists of Spain (FACE). The event aims to be an event of great magnitude to level nationally and, more specifically, in Collado Villalba.


PDF Download information I Congress penitentiary (Document PDF)


Instruction 2/2017 of the General Secretariat of penitentiary institutions


Madrid | 04 de February de 2017

Prescription, purchase, dispensing and replacement of products pharmaceutical


PDF Download instruction 2/2017 (PDF document)


Interior will spend this year 70.1 million euros to buy food for the prisoners


Madrid | 04 de February de 2017

Source: Vozpopuli

Institutions prison has awarded in those last days 112 contracts to acquire from meat and sausage to vegetables, products dairy, oils and vegetables. With them, aims to provide "materials raw for the power" of a population prison that currently is located on to them 60,000 internal. In each of them you will spend an average of 3.69 euros a day.

Feed this year to the nearly 60,000 prisoners in Spain has a price. Exactly, 70.1 million euros. The General Secretariat of penitentiary institutions directed Ángel Yuste has awarded in recent weeks a total of 112 contracts to supply all kinds of "food raw materials" to the kitchens of the prisons they can develop the three meals a day receiving inmates, according to the documentation which have accessed Vozpopuli. Juan Ignacio Zoido Department has budgeted for this year spend 3.69 euros per prisoner per day.


Condemned to 8 months of jail a prisoner of Pamplona by threatening to the officials: "not know what is a black with a knife"


Navarra | 04 de February de 2017

Source: Navarra

The man spent several days insulting and threatening day and night to officials while sleeping the rest of prisoners.

A prisoner of the Pamplona penitentiary has been sentenced, in judgment, to 8 months in prison for repeated death threats against officials of the Centre.

He prisoner, of 28 years and of nationality Colombian, in the prison by mistreat to its woman, in the tomorrow of the 25 of July of 2014 in the time in which them officials you cacheaban began to tell them: "would why balls me going to cache if not am a trafficker?" I am here by paste to my woman, I think police and only are crap of officials, racist of shit. I have two months of sentence and When you leave I'm going to nail"."


Justice stops the Interior plan to limit drugs for prisoners


Madrid | 04 de February de 2017

Source: the country

The judges believe that the instruction of the Government may "undermine them rights health" of them prisoners.

He Court top of Justice of Madrid has suspended cautiously the order of institutions prison that forces to get a visa to give to them prisoners them drugs that prescribe them medical and that not are in the list of drugs that inside accepts finance. The Professional Union of prison health challenged the measure and called for its suspension and the Court has left it no effect while it decides on its legality. The judges believe that the instruction of the Government can "undermine health rights" of prisoners.


How many more attacks are needed to make someone do something? One more in the Aranjuez CP!


Madrid | 02 de February de 2017

Yesterday 31 January became again assaulted prison officers without looking like cares you to nobody, occurred again module 5 of Madrid VI and as always no reason, an internal violently attacked several officials who try to cut a piece of veneer from a Tin.

The great violence employed by the internal caused injuries to the workers that pointed out of assistance in the Center.


PDF Download links Acaip-Aranjuez (PDF document)

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