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Agrupación de los Cuerpos de la Administración de Instituciones Penitenciarias

Sindicato afiliado a USO

Publication BOE competition transfers


Madrid | 28 de March de 2017


Officials of the subgroup A2 and C1

Resolution of 21 March 2017, by the Secretariat, for which general competition for the provision of jobs in the services of the General Secretariat of penitentiary institutions is called.


Albolote prison workers denounce light dip that led to protests by inmates


Albolote | 28 de March de 2017

Source: Europapress

Albolote (Granada) prison Union platform denounced the successive dip light affecting the criminal last Saturday and that damaged the water supply pumps, which provoked a series of protests by inmates "that could well end in mutiny". In a statement, platform, integrated by the FPAP, Acaip, UGT and CCOO, unions said that failure led to that maintenance workers worked throughout the day in their arrangement being more numerous electrical micro at 21.15 hours, when it produced a total outage that left "around the Center paralyzed and in the dark ", since not entered in operating electric generators".




Madrid | 27 de March de 2017

It reports that the contest of transfers will be published tomorrow in the Official Gazette with the agreed scale.


Acaip-use participates in the development of the Guide "Facing the psychosocial risks in work"


Madrid | 27 de March de 2017

Acaip as one of the most active members of the network of prisons in EPSU (European trade unions Federation) has participated in the development of a guide that aims to tackle psychosocial risks at work, especially in the field of public administration

Psychosocial occupational risks are increasing very significantly in recent years, just have to see the significant increase in attacks to public workers, especially in the case of those who serve in correctional institutions.


PDF Download information Acaip (PDF document)


Palencia prison adds 18 attacks officials from 2014


Castilla | 27 de March de 2017

Source: The North of Castile


The penitentiary, located in Dueñas, is one of the most troubled, according to Interior, registering 81 incidents with employees affected in the last three years

Penitentiary institutions, agency under the Ministry of the Interior, has accounted for a total of 2,132 assaults to inmates by prison officers in the past six years, from 2011 to August of 2016, which means that staff working in Spanish prisons has suffered an average of daily attack resulting in injury. Top the ranking of the prisons in which their male officials have suffered more attacks Madrid two prisons, that of Madrid VII, located in Estremera, who has recorded 85 attacks in the past six years, and Madrid V, located in Soto de Real, with 69. Followed by, in order, the penitentiary centre of Morón de la Frontera (Sevilla II), 67; de Zaragoza, 56; and those of A Lama (Pontevedra) and La Moraleja, Dueñas, with 52 each.


A new ruling power in Topas causes delays and left confined to workers


Salamanca | 27 de March de 2017

Source: Tribuna de Salamanca

A failure in the power supply, which has been repeated as it denounces the Acaip Union, has caused delay in the incorporation of workers to their tasks as well as locked several of these officials in various departments of the penitentiary.

Union Acaip, majority in II.PP. and the C.P. of Topas, has denuncaido that qualify as "yet another failure" the power of the C.P. of Topas suffered today and has generated, among other consequences, the delay of staff access to their services, with all that that entails.


Convicted seven prisoners accused of attacking officers in a riot in Córdoba


Cordoba | 27 de March de 2017

Source: The vanguard

The Court of the criminal issue 5 of Cordoba has condemned to sentences of between six months and two years and ten months in jail seven prisoners, aged about 47 to 34, accused of crimes of attack to the authority with the aggravating circumstance of recidivism in two cases, charges of public disorder and damage, after allegedly threatening prison officers and hurt them in a riot in the prison of Alcolea in 2007.


Appointment career coaching staff of II. PP


Madrid | 27 de March de 2017

Appointment career coaching staff of II. Free and internal promotion PP.


PDF Download nomination race body technical IIPP internal promotion (PDF document)

PDF Download nomination race body technical IIPP access free (PDF document)


The madame of the Spanish prisons


Madrid | 25 de March de 2017

Fuente: El Mundo

Es madrileña de padre guineano y tiene un catálogo de 30 chicas que ofrece a presos de cuatro prisiones

Ella nos detalla los 'trucos' para colarlas

Instituciones Penitenciarias, que prohíbe la prostitución con internos, lo niega: "Todo es una fábula"


Teresa [nombre ficticio] conduce un Mini Cooper y reside en un piso espectacular en el madrileño barrio de La Latina. La vida le sonríe a esta madrileña de padre guineano y madre española. Gana entre 6.000 y 8.000 euros al mes en negro dedicándose al oficio más antiguo del mundo. Y sin estar en primera línea ni manchándose las manos en un prostíbulo de mala muerte. La mujer, de 39 años y bellos rasgos, ya no tiene necesidad de vender su piel mulata por 60 euros ni por seis mil pesetas, la cifra que cobraba cuando empezó a trabajar en un club de alterne de la provincia de Cádiz.




Madrid | 23 de March de 2017

Is advises that the call of the contest of merits of N15-22, already has been signed by the Undersecretary of the Department and is has sent in the day of today to the BOE for its publication, to the greater as soon as possible. In response to the request, attached copy of the annexes with the positions offered, while it recalls the importance of moving to the officials concerned to participate in the contest, that applications for vacancies must be carried out in accordance with the call for proposals published in the official bulletin of the State.


PDF Download SEATER shuttle contest (PDF document)

PDF Download ARCHIDONA jobs (PDF document)


Call meeting on the scale contest of transfers


Madrid | 22 de March de 2017

Be enclosed summons and agenda sent by the SGIIPP to the organizaciiones Trade Union to hold a meeting on March 27 at 10:30


PDF Download call meeting (PDF document)


New BOE publication creation prison of Ceuta


Madrid | 22 de March de 2017

Correctional facilities

Order INT / 253 / 2017, of 16 of March, by which is creates the new Center prison of Ceuta and is applicable to the closing of the existing currently.


PDF (BOE-A-2017-3075 - 2 pp. - 157 KB)




Huelva | 21 de March de 2017

ACAIP has learned that correctional institutions has considered, as incredible as it seems, that the best destination for the activities aimed at the rehabilitation of an inmate, tratamentales after more than 25 years of prison experience, is the centro penitenciario de Huelva.
Ignoring that this internal starred in the penitentiary, along with another inmate, an attempt of mutiny in one of the most conflictive, in November 2014, haranguing the rest of the prison population to take action against officials who at that time were in the module, dissociating the incident with three officers injured.


PDF Download links ACAIP HUELVA (PDF document)


A Lama prison officers suffered 60 assaults of inmates in five years


Vigo | 21 de March de 2017

Source: Faro de Vigo

More than the half were attacks without the employee public suffers injury-is the fourth criminal with more incidents.

The conflict inside the prisons has fallen significantly in recent years, especially since also have lowered significantly the overcrowding problems that suffered from prisons as A Lama. However, prison officials continue to be assaulted by some inmates. 


Acaip warns error on the bases of Social Action 2017


Madrid | 18 de March de 2017

'Help for internal promotion'.

That everyone knows that although the EPO 2016 contemplated a 25 number of the special Corps of correctional institutions for its offer in internal promotion, or during the calendar year of the offer made by the B.O.E of March 22, 2016 or even along this year 2017, has been call for the realization of tests so it is absolutely clear that this area supports for the promotion you will be completely uncovered, there will not be petitioners v there will be therefore final award.


PDF Download new Protocol biological accidents (PDF document)


Publication in the Official Gazette that the penitentiary centre of Malaga II, is created in Archidona (Málaga).


Malaga | 18 de March de 2017

Orden INT/247/2017, de 16 de marzo, por la que se crea el Centro Penitenciario de Málaga II, en Archidona (Málaga).

Como consecuencia del desarrollo del Plan de Amortización y Creación de Centros Penitenciarios (PACEP), se ha podido concluir la construcción del Centro Penitenciario sito en la localidad malagueña de Archidona. El citado Establecimiento Penitenciario viene a completar el mapa de centros penitenciarios radicados en la Comunidad Autónoma de Andalucía y su puesta en funcionamiento permitirá poner a disposición de los internos en prisión los más modernos medios e instalaciones en el ánimo de alcanzar, con las mayores garantías posibles, el mandato constitucional de reinserción y rehabilitación que preside toda la actuación penitenciaria, sin merma de garantizar, en todo momento, las más completas exigencias en materia de seguridad tanto interior como exterior.


PDF (BOE-A-2017-3013 - 1 pág. - 153 KB)


Jaén-rejection of the penalty to a prison officer


Jaén | 18 de March de 2017

Source: Jaen newspaper

The grouping of the bodies of the administration of penitentiaries (Acaip), majority Trade Union in the prison of Jaén, undertook, one year ago, a campaign of collecting signatures among the officers by what he considered "an abuse of power" by the director of the Center, Juan Mesa. News that was collected by this newspaper and in which is questioned the policy of management in matter of personal. Initiated as a result of this, a disciplinary, at the behest of the head of the Centre, the delegate of the trade union organization in prison, Pablo V., "by alleged disqualifications". As a result of the initiative of the Directorate, explains Acaip, prison inspection proposal is the sanction with two months of suspension of employment and salary to the staff representative.

Melilla-several prisoners given a beating to another in a settling of scores


Melilla | 17 de March de 2017

Source: Melilla today

ACAIP says that only the quick intervention of officials avoided a tragedy-the attacked nearly lost an eye to cutting off a lid with a stick.

ACAIP prison Union has denounced the "brutal beating" several inmates of the prison of Melilla gave to another prisoner, who was on the verge of losing an eye when an eyelid with a broom stick was cut. Attackers have been moved to the Department of isolation, although ACAIP denounces that you it's "multirreincidentes and dangerous" prisoners who were "rewarded" by the director of the prison with "paid by all citizens paid destinations".


Trade unions signatory of the agreement of the invitation to tender request a meeting


Madrid | 16 de March de 2017

Trade unions signatory of the agreement dated 12 January 2017, whereby the Penitentiary Administration undertook call for urgent and immediate of a contest of merits for the 15-22 levels in the services of correctional institutions, we want to move our discomfort for breach of an agreement that had an imminent character and which have already passed more than two months without its execution.


PDF Download Union joint statement (PDF document)


ACAIP on TV in Castilla y León


Castilla y León | 16 de March de 2017


Acaip Algeciras denounces regimental problems after a week without water supply


Madrid | 16 de March de 2017

  • Acaip Algeciras denounces serious regimental problems in the Center after a week without water supply
  • Multiple internal complaints to officials in service,
  • Authorities reported the situation to the prison supervision judge,
  • Internal isolated provisionally by the behaviors that keep,
  • Plantes multitudinous attempts,
  • Internal maintenance, wandering the roads at 22 h trying to fix flooding in the Department of communications,
  • Inmates without showering or washing for days. ETC...


PDF Acaip Algeciras download links (PDF document)


Alicante-concentration of support officials censured following the escape of a prisoner


Alicante | 16 de March de 2017

Source: Information

Hundreds of workers of the centro penitenciario de Fontcalent focused yesterday at the entrance of the jail to show their "indignation" by punitive measures being implemented the prison inspection in Alicante, in particular an official of psychiatric and other three compliance Center serving in a module when a prisoner escaped. These latest has been proposed them a penalty of employment and salary of a month and a half for the Manager of the module and a month for the other two officials, according to trade union sources.


Acaip be mobilized against the "overcrowding" in the prisons of CyL


Castilla y León | 16 de March de 2017

Source: Europapress

He branded the situation "untenable" due to the conflict and to the aging of templates, with an average of 54 years

The grouping of the bodies of the administration of penitentiaries (Acaip) will star mobilizations in the coming days to denounce the current "overcrowding" of prisoners in prisons of Castilla y León and claim a higher staffing levels which put an end to the deficit of templates and aging. Calendar of mobilizations has not yet been established but it will consist of concentrations of officials in eight prisons Acaip will mobilize against "overcrowded" prisons of Castilla y León, as elsewhere in prisons throughout Spain, as announced today the regional Secretary of Acaip, José Antonio Cartón, who has outlined in broad terms the 'powder keg' in which such facilities due to agglomeration have become of inmates, the "conflictivity" which it generates and insufficient staffing in charge of its surveillance.


Call course online badaral



Training action: BAOARAL online

GENERAL objective: to publicize the capabilities of the system of information and assistance to the management of per$ ona1 within the scope of the General Administration of the State.

Duration: the course will be held completely online from April 24 to 4 June 2017 on own workstation. Tutorials will be held by people of this institution designated ar effect and you will have a workload of 20 hours,

PDF Download call course (PDF document)




Madrid | 15 de March de 2017

The four trade unions with trade union representation in the prison Tahíche: ACAIP-use, CSIF and FeSP-UGT and CCOO have convened a concentration on the door main of the detention facility at 11:30 in protest at the incidents recently produced in this Center resulting different seriously injured several workers.

The main reason of this concentration is show our solidarity to all the employees public that were injured as well as denounce publicly the lack of media both structural as materials that suffer in the exercise daily of our work.

Four delegates of the various unions want to publicly show their satisfaction with the response of the center workers who have gone on more than 100 despite not get out to concentrate a very large number of those who were working inside that day.

Subsequently held an Assembly with prison workers from the Center where it is agreed a series of measures to be adopted that due account will be given at the time of its realization.
Scanned by CamS


Unions denounce Cáceres prison to continue with deficit of officials


Cáceres | 15 de March de 2017

Source: El Periódico de Cáceres


The Government delegation will meet with correctional institutions. The prison has 66 jobs uncovered, list that he is expected to reduce by 12.

The delegation of the Government in Extremadura will meet with Secretary general of penitentiary institutions, Angel Yuste, to transfer the location of Cáceres prison, which suffers a deficit of personnel for some time according to complaint the Union Acaip-use. The problem has to do with lack of staff both with the imminent return of hundreds of prisoners who were relocated to months ago at the beginning of some works in the prison for the installation of smoke detectors, whose forecast is that they end at the end of this month giving green light to the return of the prisoners. Currently the works is focus in those two last departments that subtracted, the of income and the of nursing.




LEON | 15 de March de 2017


Final approved publication body helpers EPO 2016


Madrid | 15 de March de 2017

Order INT/230/2017, of 9 March, by which publishes the list of approved during the opposition of selective tests for entry in the body of assistants of penitentiaries, convened by order INT/1085/2016, June 30.

Home course training on April 18.


PDF (BOE-A-2017 - 2807 - 2 pp. - 162 KB)




Madrid | 14 de March de 2017


The freedom of expression. All with Pablo
Days special, agreements signed, comparative
Acaip Albolote, unsustainable situation
The Director of Picassent check to Acaip of the office of the Centre.
Protests over the closure of the model in Catalonia
Lack of staff in the Topas C.P....


View version OnLine (Flash)


The prisons Spanish listed between them more overcrowded in Europe


Madrid | 15 de March de 2017

Fuente: El Pais

Un informe del Consejo de Europa alerta del uso habitual de celdas compartidas.

España tiene un nivel de población reclusa inferior a la media europea, pero la masificación de las cárceles figura entre las más altas del continente. Por cada 100 celdas disponibles, la Administración aloja a 119,6 presos, frente a una media europea de 91,4. Son datos divulgados este martes por el Consejo de Europa, la institución con sede en Estrasburgo que vela por el cumplimiento de los derechos humanos en todo el continente. La sobreocupación española se ha agravado en el último año a pesar de que el volumen de presos ha descendido un 2,8%.




Granada | 14 de March de 2017


Archidona, the amulet to the Albolote prison


Granada | 14 de March de 2017

Source: Digital Granada

They propose that future Malaga jail go many of the inmates in first grade to reduce the burden of the penitentiary centre of Granada | Today there is planned a mobilization in the subdelegation.

Today starts the first of them "new mobilizations" that will lead to out them workers of the Center prison of Albolote. Is planned that to them 09.30 hours have place a concentration facing the sub-delegation of the Government to denounce the situation labor in the prison Granada.

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