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Agrupación de los Cuerpos de la Administración de Instituciones Penitenciarias

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Acaip presented in Brussels their report "system prison Spanish: risk of collapse" PDF

Madrid | 10 de January de 2017

Acaip representative: Alberto Tellez in his hearing in Brussels on the penitentiary system in Spain


Instruction 1/2017: Deposit money expense account PDF

Madrid | 03 de January de 2017

Instruction 1/2017 on the deposit of money at the expense of the internal account attached.


PDF Download instruction 1/2017 (PDF document)

Appearance interior Minister at the Commission of the Chamber of Deputies PDF

Madrid | 31 de December de 2016

"In addition, and with respect to the workers of prisons, if the last legislature was led by the significant decrease in the prison population, improving the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the public prison service in an economic situation that nobody hides him, made to rethink investments very expensive, in this parliamentary term we have to work on the introduction of measures to increase the protection - and before I cite it - officials against any aggression by inmates such as allowing to declare in court proceedings by identifying with their professional meat, as do other officials, or that when they are arrested or met condemned to do so separate from the rest of detainees or prisoners or analogously to the protection given to other members of the State security bodies and forces. Will be fundamental issues on which we will be talking about over the coming months to achieve important agreements that will allow stability in this regulation."

PDF Download appearance (PDF document)

Work days for the year 2017 calendar PDF

Madrid | 30 de December de 2016

Resolution of 27 December 2016, the Ministry of public service, by which establishes, for the purpose of computation of time limits, the calendar of non-working days in the scope of the General Administration of the State for the year 2017.


PDF Download BOE (PDF document)


Madrid | 29 de December de 2016

From Acaip want to thank publicly the expressions of solidarity that you did in yesterday after the serious assault a classmate our of the penitentiary centre of Málaga. We cannot say the same of our Secretary General II. PP, Mr. Yuste which attacks that officials at our centers suffer daily care rather little or almost nothing. The management of the Yuste Mr. in front of the SGIIPP in the last 5 years has been... VOID in all respects since has been dedicated to... "RUN TIME". Our group deserves another Secretary General of II.PP. back... Thank you Mr. Zoido.


Published newspaper "FOCUS" December 2016 PDF

Madrid | 28 de December de 2016


National Congress of ACAIP

Course on desradicalizacion in prison institutions in the University of Malaga.

"The destination blend letters and we play them"

Judicial detention of the mentally ill. The prison psychiatric hospital

STATEMENT 2/2016: framework programme for intervention in radicalization violent Islamist internal

Gender violence and prison administration

The Congress calls on the Government to the adoption of a Protocol against violence at work


Download (PDF document)

Call meeting in the SGIIPP on the scale PDF

Madrid | 07 de December de 2016

Attached call for proposals of the General Secretariat of penitentiary institutions by which us lies to a attend a meeting next December 15 for the study and analysis of the proposal of a new scale of the contest of transfers that will be convened soon.


PDF Download call meeting schedule (PDF document)

Acaip participates in the prestigious "Quilliam" Foundation course PDF

Madrid | 06 de December de 2016

This week, members of the Executive of ACAIP invited by Hon. Ayto. Malaga they have attended the first course taught by the prestigious Quilliam Foundation in Spain.

Former terrorists as Adam Deen or Jeque Usama Hasan, experts such as Nikita Malik and Joshua Stuart have shown the way to combat propaganda jihadist and radicalisation processes.

Quilliam is the first think tank against extremism in the world, created in 2008 by former extremists. It is a private company independent and non-profit founded in the United Kingdom

Defending religious freedom, equality, human rights and democracy. It aims to challenge the ideologies and the narrative extremists, advocating pluralist and democratic alternatives that are consistent with the universal standards of human rights.


Madrid | 02 de December de 2016

We inform that we haven't communicated since the General Secretariat of penitentiary institutions next Wednesday we will be convened to a meeting about the scale of the transfers contest that will take place the day 15 of December 2016


Madrid | 02 de December de 2016

Date 29-30 of November was held the NATIONAL ACAIP CONGRESS, which takes place every four years for choice of positions of the Union, adoption of the annual report as well as to develop a Trade Union policy for the coming years. In the Congress several papers of different trade union sections were to be discussed.

Thank from Acaip all the delegates for their attendance at the Congress.


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