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Contests and competitions

Madrid | 23 de March de 2017

Is advises that the call of the contest of merits of N15-22, already has been signed by the Undersecretary of the Department and is has sent in the day of today to the BOE for its publication, to the greater as soon as possible. In response to the request, attached copy of the annexes with the positions offered, while it recalls the importance of moving to the officials concerned to participate in the contest, that applications for vacancies must be carried out in accordance with the call for proposals published in the official bulletin of the State.


PDF Download SEATER shuttle contest (PDF document)

PDF Download ARCHIDONA jobs (PDF document)

Call meeting on the scale contest of transfers PDF

Madrid | 22 de March de 2017

Be enclosed summons and agenda sent by the SGIIPP to the organizaciiones Trade Union to hold a meeting on March 27 at 10:30


PDF Download call meeting (PDF document)

Trade unions signatory of the agreement of the invitation to tender request a meeting PDF

Madrid | 16 de March de 2017

Trade unions signatory of the agreement dated 12 January 2017, whereby the Penitentiary Administration undertook call for urgent and immediate of a contest of merits for the 15-22 levels in the services of correctional institutions, we want to move our discomfort for breach of an agreement that had an imminent character and which have already passed more than two months without its execution.


PDF Download Union joint statement (PDF document)

Final approved publication body helpers EPO 2016 PDF

Madrid | 15 de March de 2017

Order INT/230/2017, of 9 March, by which publishes the list of approved during the opposition of selective tests for entry in the body of assistants of penitentiaries, convened by order INT/1085/2016, June 30.

Home course training on April 18.


PDF (BOE-A-2017 - 2807 - 2 pp. - 162 KB)

Call body top of technicians of institutions prison PDF

Madrid | 06 de March de 2017

Resolution of 14 of February of 2017, of the Undersecretary, by which is summon tests selective for income, by the system general of access free, in the body top of technical of institutions prison, specialties of lawyers and psychologists.


Body of nurses of institutions prison PDF

Madrid | 06 de March de 2017

Resolution of 21 February 2017 of the Undersecretary, which approves the provisional list of admitted and excluded and Announces date, time and venue of the first exercise of the selection process for admission, by the general system of open access, in the body of nurses from correctional institutions, convened by resolution of 22 November 2016.


PDF (BOE-to-2017-2378-4 pp. -323 KB)

Resolution Court body of assistants EPO 2016 PDF

Madrid | 02 de March de 2017

Court ruling qualifier of the oppositions to the II Corps of helpers. PP which are published the lists of approved final after the aptitude test provider if as the final score

PDF Download resolution Court (PDF document)

Resolution contest transfers body top of technical of II. PP PDF

Madrid | 17 de February de 2017

Resolution of 2 February 2017, of the Ministry of security, which resolves the competition, organised by resolution of 20 September 2016 in the peripheral services of the General Secretariat of penitentiary institutions.


Optional body career appointment and nurses II. PP PDF

Madrid | 31 de January de 2017

Resolution of 18 January 2017, of the Ministry of public service, that career officials, are named by the general system of free access, the optional body and prison health nurses


PDF Download appointment career body of nurses (PDF document)

PDF Download appointment career body of facultative (PDF document)

Agreement of ACAIP, UGT, CCOO and IGC on table contest transfers. PDF

Madrid | 12 de January de 2017

En el día de hoy se ha celebrado la reunión prevista con la Administración Penitenciaria para desbloquear de una vez por todas la publicacion del concurso de traslados. A dicha reunión, los sindicatos ACAIP, CCOO, CIG y UGT llegan a un acuerdo con la Administración penitenciario para su publicacion en breve.

Las alegaciones presentadas en el día de hoy sobre el tema de CONCILIACION FAMILIAR por ACAIP, CCOO, CIG y UGT han sido asumidas practicamente en su totalidad por la Administración


Indicar que CSIF no ha firmado dicho acuerdo.




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