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Acaip Union considered "more than worrying" the deficit of staff in the prison of Cáceres PDF

Cáceres | 21 de January de 2017

ACAIP-use Extremadura Union qualifies as "more than worrying" situation in the prison of Cáceres due to the deficit of personnel in the template, to be without cover 32% of its 208 seats. In view of this fact, its regional head, Dionisio Iglesias, asked by letter to the Secretary general of penitentiary institutions, Angel Yuste, who provide the human resources necessary for the correct performance of the tasks entrusted to the staff of the Centre, which currently has 142 members, which means that they are not covering 66 seats.

The 32% of them 208 positions of work of the prison Cacereña is are currently without cover

A prisoner of Albocàsser, assaults officials twice in just 4 days PDF

Albocàsser | 19 de January de 2017

Source: the world

January 6 was the first attack in the new year

Albocàsser Acaip Union claimed changes to the 'serious situation in which we find ourselves'

The independent prisons Acaip Union has denounced the past January 6 there was the first attack of the new year of a domestic several officials in the prison of Albocàsser (Castellón). As a consequence of the attack violent of the prisoner, one of them employees public suffered injuries of consideration, according to aims Acaip.

The Seville prison system, in danger of collapse PDF

Seville | 17 de January de 2017

Source: Daily XYZ

The upturn in crime, saturation of the Seville prison, the number of staff that decreases every day by the tight supply of public employment and the increase of violence in prisons is the daily bread that prison officers responded have support, up to the edge of despair.

So only in the prison of Seville I there a overpopulation from around the 57%. Alejandro Knight, official of the service of interior in this prison and Coordinator provincial of ACAIP (grouping of them bodies of the administration of institutions prison), ensures that the number fluctuates and there are seasons with less prisoners, but currently live a rebound of the crime. The mass media of them prisons Andalusian is, according to ACAIP, of the 168%.

It resigns Angel Herbella as the director of the prison in Alhaurín de la Torre PDF

Malaga | 17 de January de 2017

Source: Malaga today

The director of the prison of Alhaurín of the Tower, the jurist Angel Herbella, has presented his resignation. It will replace in the cargo Andres Enriquez, that until now was the since of Deputy Director of management. A decision, according to the sources consulted, that already is rumored to be from makes some time.

" From the grouping of them bodies of the administration of institutions prison (Acaip) in Malaga thanked to the director outgoing" the work dedicated to them centers prison "and stressed that, despite them many clashes and disagreements" that have starred with it, value that always kept "the door open to the dialogue", what les has allowed "achieve agreements in benefit of them workers".


Madrid | 15 de January de 2017

The incident occurred on the afternoon of Friday November 13, when an inmate in the programme of comprehensive care for people with mental disorders (PAIEM, these inmates have a control strict medical) assaulted three officers. This internal currently in module 7 (MER, module education and respect) asked officials to go to another module, when officials tried to calm him and told him as they were to change channels, began to insult and threaten them, increasingly more nervous, threatening to assault or kill other inmates if it failed its purpose, began to deliver punches and borrachete on an official. Is proceeds to reduce it by the officials present, shown a great state of aggressiveness and resistance giving blows and kicks.


PDF Download links section of Association ACAIP VILLENA (PDF document)

I try to assault to the director of the prison in Huelva PDF

Huelva | 13 de January de 2017

Source: Huelva already

On January 11 the director of the penitentiary centre of Huelva suffered an attempted attack by an inmate, according to it has unveiled the Acaip Union in a statement. Taking advantage of the visit to a residential module which approached for an interview, was tackled and insulted, even to suffer "his hand", without that aggression was more by the quick intervention of surveillance officers who avoided the ugly incident was older.

From the Union ACAIP (grouping of bodies of the administration of penitentiaries) "we want to express our solidarity and our support to the head of the Center and condemn such violent incident; "is another in the long list that this template is suffering in recent times, only this time in the person of its head".

Alarm in the psychiatric hospital of Fontcalent after 3 attacks officials in 4 days PDF

Alicante | 13 de January de 2017

Source: Information

An internal threat with a skewer in the neck a worker to get out of the Center. Acaip denounces the lack of personnel.

The prison Psychiatric Hospital of Fontcalent has become one of the centers of the country as more incidents recorded and the alarm has been triggered among workers after registering this week four attacks on officials, as well as the attempted hanging of a prisoner considered dangerous, who was rescued by the managers monitor module and yesterday he starred in another altercation to the cause of a fire in his cell , denounced the Union Acaip to this newspaper.

The psychiatric hospital currently houses approximately 250 inmates and is expected the arrival of 40 others who a year ago were sent to other prisons because of some works.

The refusal of banks to manage the 'nest egg' of prisoners put in trouble inside PDF

Madrid | 13 de January de 2017

Fuente: Voz Populi

Después de que el concurso para gestionar las cuentas de Instituciones Penitenciarias quedase desierto, el Ministerio se ve obligado a dictar instrucciones para que las cárceles reactiven a partir del 15 de enero las 'ventanillas' que existían en las propias prisiones para que los familiares ingresasen fondos en las cuentas de los reos para sus gastos entre rejas. Los funcionarios critican la medida.

El máximo responsable de Instituciones Penitenciarias, Ángel Yuste, ha ordenado que se reactiven las 'ventanillas de peculio' de manera urgente el próximo 15 de enero

La orden ha provocado enorme malestar entre los funcionarios de prisiones. ACAIP, el sindicato mayoritario, denuncia que 300 trabajadores penitenciarios pasarán a ser "cajeros de banco"

PICASSENT-Rafael Blasco, 'caught' copying in a test for the UNED in prison PDF

Valencia | 12 de January de 2017


Rafael Blasco, in prison for 'case cooperation', He is working towards a degree through the open University, although for apparently not going very well in the exams. "As if out a 15-year-old boy, the official caught le copying a test", explains journalist Loreto Ochando.




Huelva | 11 de January de 2017

ACAIP HUELVA quiere expresar su preocupación por la sentencia dictada por el Juzgado de lo Penal numero 3 de Huelva sobre los graves hechos sucedidos el 4 de mayo de 2014 en el centro penitenciario donde un funcionario que prestaba servicio en un módulo que alberga a los internos más peligrosos, fue introducido por la fuerza dentro de una celda y agredido por dos internos, agarrándolo del cuello y propinando golpes a dicho funcionario.


PDFDescargar comunicado ACAIP-HUELVA (Documento PDF)

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