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Events and incidents

Madrid | 20 de February de 2018

El Sindicato con mayor representación en la Administración Penitenciaria, ACAIP, a través de su Sección Sindical de Algeciras, de nuevo denuncia altercados en la prisión de Botafuegos.


Uno de los hechos ha sucedido este jueves pasado, en el módulo 15, sobre las 04:20 h. cuando los Funcionarios de servicio observan a través de las cámaras  como sale humo de la galería de la zona 4, dándose cuenta de inmediato al Jefe de Servicios, personándose de inmediato y acompañado por  más Funcionarios.





Madrid | 29 de November de 2017

El pasado día 24 de noviembre 2017 en el módulo 9 de Mujeres, el funcionario que prestaba servicio en ese momento observa como su compañera trata de calmar a la interna D.G.G, ya que estaba visiblemente alterada, pegando gritos y teniendo el puño en alto dirigido hacia otra interna y frente a su cara en actitud desafiante. Se presenta allí para tratar calmar a la interna a fin de proteger su integridad física, así como la del resto de internas y aislar el problema. Cuando se ordena a D.G.G que acompañe al funcionario, está se niega reiteradamente a cumplir las órdenes y de manera agresiva e inesperada le lanza varios manotazos al funcionario, entre los cuales uno de ellos le impacta en la cara tirándole las gafas y otro, le golpea en el costado produciéndole una herida.


 PDFDescargar COMUNICADO ACAIP (Documento PDF)

Acaip-Teixeiro urges to really perform the investigation announced by the incident caused by an internal II.PP. PDF

Teixeiro | 01 de March de 2017

As A result of! incident starring Rosario Porto ia last week to carry out a massive intake of medicines to prevent their transfer ai Center A Lama prison, prison officials publicly announced an investigation to clarify the facts.

As well from Acaip we invite Teixeiro direction and ia own Secretary General to carry out the investigation and publish your result. But some io is that we doubt much to happen, beyond the "postureo" of advertisements in the media, mainly because e! current management team of II. PP and especially the generates Secretary!, Mr. Yuste, would not well stand.


PDF Acaip Teixeiro download links (PDF document)

Assaulted two officers in the post I Murcia PDF

Madrid | 17 de October de 2015

Past Tuesday February 10, 2015, there was an altercation with several resident inmates in one of the largest conflicts of the Murcia CP modules. These inmates was protagonists a serious assault to two colleagues of service.

PDF ACAIP - MURCIA download links 1 (PDF document)

Acaip denounces aggression 3 officials in Morón de la Frontera PDF

Morón de la Frontera | 28 de August de 2015

On August 18 there was an incident in the penitentiary centre of Morón de la Frontera where an inmate assaulted three officials, who to this day remain low by injuries. The event occurred in the Department insulation where inmate classified in grade V M Victor Dario with a broad history of aggression and conflict in this Centre and until recently he was in article 91•3 undertook it kicked and punched against officials of the departaemnte.
It happened during the distribution of food and the refusal of the official that I had extra commissary (as it had in the morning) set out to insult and threaten the officials then pounce on them in a tremendous State of agitation and aggressiveness. Acaip denounces the lack of personnel at the penitentiary of Morón de la frontera and wish a speedy recovery to the affected officials.

An inmate from the C.P Seville I stabbed repeatedly PDF

Seville | 28 de June de 2015

In the present day, there has been a serious incident in the compliance unit of the penitentiary of Seville I when an inmate of the 53 module has been stabbed repeatedly suffering several wounds in the abdomen.

The facts, which occurred half late, not led to more serious consequences given rapid and effective intervention of officials in service on the module which houses 70 inmates, most of them suffering from serious psychiatric illnesses as well as various addictive diseases.


PDF Acaip download links (PDF document)

3 E.P. Valencia officials are attacked PDF

Valencia | 12 de June de 2015

The Office in Valencia from Acaip (grouping of the bodies of the administration of penitentiaries), majority Trade Union in the penitentiary field, by means of the present want to send you the
next release:

In recent days there have been numerous incidents that have ended with at least 3 officers injured due to aggression caused by internal.


PDF ACAIP-VALENCIA download links (PDF document)

Tenerife (II): Aggression to an official PDF

Madrid | 12 de June de 2015

The past day 7 June 2015, first thing in the morning the internal D.P.C was very excited and nervous, by was transferred to nursing to be viewed by the medical services. Once in there begins to insult and threaten to officials who were present.


PDF Descargarcomunicado ACAIP-Tenerife (PDF document)

Jump from the black-official of prisons receives several cuts on a finger by part of a internal PDF

Las Palmas | 11 de June de 2015


By means of this release we want to inform officer that occurred yesterday in the penitentiary Center of Las Palmas, a civil servant last aggression in the module 2/3. The account of the facts is as follows...

PDF ACAI - LAS PALMAS download links (PDF document)

An internal 'autolesiona badly with a knife and tries to attack officials' PDF

Melilla | 13 de March de 2015

Source: Melilla today

ACAIP denounces the lack of means and that the template "helpless and unprotected" feels for the address.

ACAIP Union denounces that an inmate of the prison of Melilla has self-inflicted several cuts on the arms and body with a knife, while he tried to attack officers. As they point out, after immobilize the prisoner staff found that they lacked means of protection and that they had to wait half an hour until the director provide them means to restrain the inmate, by what you enter both had to hold "with the hands".

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