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Soria-prison officers denounce deterioration and violence PDF

Soria | 20 de December de 2016



Source: Journal of Soria


They point that sent internal profiles 'complicated' and failure to cover 20 places.


Soria prison prison officers - specifically the template of surveillance inside - denounce aged form, the lack of renewal of media and an admissions policy that even translate into an increase in physical and psychic violence. The situation was reflected in a statement by unions UGT and CC OO CSIF Acaip along with workers not belonging to any trade union but that do support this work and personal discomfort.

According to the letter, "regimental incidents in recent years have risen considerably due to the type of inmates who are being sent that, by your profile, category and structure of the Centre do not permit a proper classification and separation of them, being consistent and routine regulatory offences, having been aggravated in recent months».

However the situation goes beyond and "this situation the school management stands by without providing solutions or accept the proposals that have been made through trade unions and template without seeming concerned by the degradation of working conditions and the discomfort of workers and own inmates who see how they live between coercion «, threats and physical violence ", they assert.

This issues are joined as an aged template. The average age is 53 years, «surpassing the 50 75% of it». That is, only one of every four prison officers has less than half a century. «These percentages, for obvious reasons, can only go from bad to worse. Being significant by themselves are compounded by the conditions in which we carry out our work with outdated, inefficient and degraded infrastructures».

Furthermore, that not only not all seats are covered, but will always provide more vacancies according to the workers of the Center. «The relationship of job (RPT) breach systematically, having a lack of 20 troops on the same and increasing to 25 in brief».

The situation affects especially «area of surveillance inside, which supports the unification and services and the accumulation of tasks added that of the total of the current census officers of the Centre are less than half those who have been assigned the task of surveillance and custody of inmates».

Soriana prison workers also wanted to "denounce the use which is made of some of the security cameras of the centre dedicated to record officers in their time and place of rest. «Recalling to the director of the center that this use is, at the very least, irregular, its attitude has been identical which has with the rest of problems: denial and inaction ", according to the brief submitted by trade unions and non-Union officials.

Of made the document, designed to «make public our situation hoping that this will change», insists it offers them «no solution or by the direction of the Centre by the General Secretariat». Therefore it affects on numerous occasions on the need to correct the situation before the deterioration in conditions and facilities in the jail.

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