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Inicio News Media Cadiz port III prison 'patented' about shields reinforced against violent prisoners
Cadiz port III prison 'patented' about shields reinforced against violent prisoners PDF

El Puerto Santa Maria | 29 de January de 2017

Source: The confidential

Once several broke kicked, ACAIP Union proposed and the Deputy Director of security agreed to glue two of these protective elements to make them more resistant.

Prison officials have a protective equipment to intervene in the event of incidents and reduce inmates showing violent behavior. Among other things they have a shield that occasionally are split due to blows. In a prison of Cadiz have found a solution to this problem.

"Shields are not good for nothing": this sentence so forceful made from Union ACAIP (grouping of the bodies of the administration of penitentiaries), which usually denounce the numerous attacks on prison officers from violent inmates.

ACAIP Union highlights the fragility of the shields that officials used when occurs any altercation and must intervene to restrain the violent outbreak causing prisoners. Some shields material part to strong impacts.

The confidential autonomic has learned that in the penitentiary Puerto III, located in the town of El Puerto de Santamaria in Cadiz, prison officers also suffered this problem of breaking shields, but they devised a way to prevent them.

Two glued shields cope better hits

ACAIP sources ensure that recently attacks occurred to prison officials that ended with the broken coats. In the module of nursing and isolation, two violent prisoners attacked officials who were protected with those shields and managed to cut them by kicking.

That led some officials to think about ways of strengthening the shields. The solution that they thought was two of these shields, with silicone for gluing glass and similar materials.

The Deputy Director of security in the prison of Puerto III gave them authorization to do so, and tested the strength of the new shields. "Still not have had to use in actual contributions, but we have given them many swipes" as a violent prisoner can give them, explained from the prison, "and they have not broken".

These shields, more to protect the official itself, serving to restrain a prisoner who provoke incidents. If for example it shows a violent conduct in his cell, a group of several officers go with this shield and wives to reduce it.

Having "U" shape, the concave side toward the prisoner, is aimed to prevent run off to one side. Stalls him against the wall and handcuffs are placed. Being transparent, shields, which are quite high, allow to see the prisoner.

Now, these reinforced shields have been "built" in the prison of Puerto III weigh twice, so you have placed them two grips: the official carrying it seizes it with both hands, while escort it with other officials involved in the intervention.

"Shields have enough in prison and do not use the half", assure sources of this prison of the province of Cadiz, so it isn't a problem joining two coats in one.

ACAIP are satisfied by this solution which found Puerto III to the fragility of the shields that provides correctional institutions. In fact, they are spreading the idea among the companions of the rest of the prisons in Spain propose it to the addresses of those centres as a solution to the shields that are split into violent interventions.


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