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Agrupación de los Cuerpos de la Administración de Instituciones Penitenciarias

Sindicato afiliado a USO

A conflicting internal for Topas, in isolation by attack to an officer with the stick of a broom


Topas | 24 de August de 2016

Source: La Gaceta de Salamanca

Other inmates avoided that the aggression out to more.

The address of the Center prison of Topas has isolated in them last hours to a troubled prison, the Cáceres R.M.G., by attack with the stick of a broom to an officer. The worker lived strong moments of tension, to be alone in the module, to the point that he had to be helped by other internal who managed to free her suffering only slight injuries.


Another 'sentence' in Albocàsser: aggression among prisoners every 2.5 days


Madrid | 24 de August de 2016

Source: The world

The jail which was to be model of social inclusion of the prison population, as once promised the PSOE after breaching its commitment to freeze its construction, is one of the most representative examples in Spain's conflict. Who thus it says is the Union independent Acaip, the majority among them officers of prisons. One of the circulars sent to affiliates throughout the summer warning that the criminal of Albocàsser II, as it is called within the prison network Spanish, is «one of the most conflictive prisons of the national environment».




Madrid | 24 de August de 2016

Acaip requested the CESSATION of the administrator of the zip code of MADRID III by "abandonment in the work" e breaching "the schema of input and output" to your since of work. Also is solicital to responsibility disciplinary that may produce is of such fact.



PDF Download article in press in daily the world (PDF document)




Madrid | 24 de August de 2016

ACAIP presents complaint before the defender of the people before it negative of the Secretariat General of institutions prison of include to their employees public within the Protocol of performance facing the violence in the work in it AGE (Administration General of the State)


  PDF Download complaint to the OMBUDSPERSON (Document PDF)


The aggression in Villahierro to three officials of prisons puts the focus on a political prison ' disastrous '


Madrid | 23 de August de 2016

Source: Leon news

«Wrong» dispensation of medication on weekends was the origin of the violence by one of the inmates, according to the Trade Union ACAIP | The collective emphasizes that Leon prison does not meet the RTP (ratio of work posts) and regrets the consequences that both modules are closed.

The situation between bars is far much of being the best. In the last hours, three employees of the prison of Mansilla de las Mulas have been assaulted by an inmate, with a result that, far from being extreme, continues to be serious: bruises, wounds and the release of part of a Hebreware the balance of a violence that seems to have a source.


Organised course online system information on alternative penalties


Madrid | 23 de August de 2016

  • Dates:         Of the 3 from October to the 6 of November 2016

Duration: 15 hours

  • Recipients:   Staff serving in management services of sentences that lack of training in the management of this application
  • Capacity: 70
    • Requests: Before the 8 of September of 2016

PDF Download call course (Document PDF)


Córdoba-the AUGC also denounces a plague of rats in the jail


Cordoba | 22 de August de 2016

Source: Cordopolis

The Union Acaip already warned of the presence of these animals in spring

The unified Association of civil guards (AUGC) denounced in a statement a plague of rats in jail several weeks ago there is in the premises occupied by the section of prison security of the Civil Guard in Cordoba a plague of rats. Association says its presence both on the ground floor (offices and Hall monitors) and on the top floor (changing rooms and catch), and insufficient measures taken so far have proved useless, because the number of these animals is increasing. The Union of prisons Acaip already warned of the presence of these animals in spring.


819 serious incidents at the prison in Picassent in six months


Valencia | 22 de August de 2016

Source: The

The officials of prisons listed in a report assaults to officials: punches, kicks, bites and scratches

Denounce that the cause is the lack of staff in a prison of them more conflicting.

The grouping of them bodies of it administration of institutions prison (Acaip) denounces in a report that in the first six months of this year has been 819 incidents serious or very serious in the prison of Picassent, that, ensure, is have produced by "a deficit endemic in matter of personal".

In the cited report, the Union majority in the field prison highlights that the prison Valencian is an of them more conflict of the system prison Spanish, and allude to the "abuse from the Secretariat General of institutions prison".


Aragon is the only community in which a growing number of prisoners


Aragon | 22 de August de 2016

Source: The newspaper of Aragon

Unions see a concentration by closing or delay in other prisons. Officials lament the lack of protection not to be agents of authority.

The descent of the crime and them reforms legal that have decriminalized, to costa of scratching is the Pocket, some behaviors, not is just of note in them prisons Aragonese. The funny thing is that, with the sole exception of the autonomous city of Melilla, it is the only territory where this occurs.

According to the latest statistics collected on the website of correctional institutions, in the past year - by comparing the data of the first week of August-, Aragonese prisons (basically Zuera, Daroca and Teruel prisons) housed 2,083 inmates, 2% more of the 2,041 people had in the same period of last year.


The Government spent 58 million more in vigilant private for control of prisons


Madrid | 22 de August de 2016

Fuente: El Confidencial

El Consejo de Ministros autoriza la contratación de 900 nuevos vigilantes de seguridad para las prisiones que se resolverá por concurso sin publicidad por razones de seguridad.

El Consejo de Ministros autorizó ayer la contratación de más de 900 vigilantes de seguridad para las prisiones españolas en el marco del plan de privatización de la seguridad de los 67 centros penitenciarios del país que comenzó en 2013 y que actualmente se encontraba en la prórroga de su segunda fase, que entró en vigor en octubre de 2014 y cuya renovación ya llevaba meses de retraso con motivo, entre otras razones, de la demora de la formación del nuevo Gobierno


Denounce a new assault of an inmate to an officer in Villabona


Villabona | 21 de August de 2016

Source: Trade

The section Union of the grouping of them bodies of the administration of institutions prison (ACAIP) has denounced today the new aggression suffered by an official of the prison of Villabona to charge of an internal what raises to five them incidents of this type in what goes of year.

According to ACAIP, the incident occurred yesterday when the official, who had to be treated by hospital emergency services, received more of an inmate in the Department of nursing who refused to receive a medication prescribed by physicians and ordered by the Court.


Leon.-a new chapter of aggression in prison leaves three injured officers


Leon | 21 de August de 2016

Source: Daily Leon

An internal undertook it blows with a Chair and caused wounds of consideration to workers.

Three officials of the Provincial penitentiary Center of Villahierro injured mid-afternoon yesterday as a result of an attack by an inmate of 24 years of age, who undertook to having against the control cabin, allegedly because of a problem with medication to which it was subjected.



A prisoner in a wheelchair throws his urine and assaulted the staff of Topas


Topas | 14 de August de 2016

Source: The North of Castile

The Ivorian Yode Ali Rabbah, entered in the prison infirmary, ended the life of a policeman in Madrid in January 2015 to throw away it to the train tracks.

Conflict in the Topas prison does not stop and is on the rise. Last Thursday the Salamanca prison was the scene of a new assault of an inmate two prison officials. In this occasion, the incident acquired some connotations unsuspected until the moment, since the protagonist of the fatal altercation was an internal that is displaces in Chair of wheels and that from makes several weeks is comes booting the probe that leads connected to to your urethra by prescription medical.


A senior official of the Interior merges € 12,000 phone in fifteen days of vacation


Madrid | 13 de August de 2016

Source: The confidential


Institutions prison announces the opening of an information reserved to Enrique Caracuel to elucidate on what is has spent the money after it called of the confidential.

Prison talk error: it was believed that it had hired international bonus when it is not activated. 225 euros went to 12,000

A bill of 12,000 euros (VAT included). It is the telephone consumption that became Enrique González Caracuel, Deputy Director-general of prison services, in just 15 days of the month of July 2015, during your holiday.


Acaip denounced in Picassent prison boxing courses given by a convicted of sexual abuse with minors


Valencia | 12 de August de 2016

Source: Europapress

Acaip denounced in Picassent prison boxing courses given by a convicted of sexual abuse with minors Office in Valencia of the grouping of the bodies of the administration of penitentiaries (Acaip) denounced Friday authorizing the direction of the prison in Picassent (Valencia) is providing a course of boxing and body combat inmates from preventive of the Center unit. He has also indicated that the course teaches him a prisoner "with a long history of prison", convicted of sexual abuse of minors.


Published newspaper approach N ° 3


Madrid | 11 de August de 2016


Port III.-unions criticize not broadcast images of aggression prison officials


Puerto Santa Maria | 11 de August de 2016

Source: The vanguard

The unions representing the staff of the penitentiary Puerto III, in el Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz), have criticized today the Ministry of the Interior for not airing images of attacks suffered by six prison workers on July 21.

According to have informed in a connected set ACAIP, FPAP, CSIF, CCOO and UGT, Interior has widespread images of assaults to agents of the guard Civil in different interventions but not them images of the aggression that suffered them six officials of prisons that were assaulted from a "violent and dangerous" internal.

Trade unions have pointed to "the different yardsticks of the Ministry, according to the group concerned, when acts of analogous nature occur".


Interior puts electricity towers in the prison of port allowing the getaway


Puerto Santa Maria | 10 de August de 2016

Fuente: El Confidencial

Acaip denuncia la inconveniencia de la instalación ante la Secretaría General de Instituciones Penitenciarias y la Delegación del Gobierno, que evitan responder al sindicato.

La Subdirección de Servicios de Instituciones Penitenciarias ha instalado 32 torres de electricidad -una cada 50 metros- en la prisión del Puerto de Santa María. Todas se han situado justo al lado de la verja que impide que los presos se escapen. Los nuevos elementos permitirán una iluminación y una conducción de última generación, pero podrían servir para otros menesteres muy diferentes. 

Así lo entienden desde el sindicato de funcionarios de prisiones con más asociados, Acaip, que considera que pueden facilitar las escapadas o el tráfico de objetos prohibidos desde fuera del centro penitenciario hacia dentro, ya que incluso cuentan con una escalera que supera la altura de la valla, a la que se puede acceder simplemente levantando la base de la instalación.


Is doubled in a year the number of prisoners jihadists in the prisons Spanish


Madrid | 09 de August de 2016

Source: The

At the end of 2014 had 51 inmates. In January 2016, they already totaled 9.

He scope of the jihadism in Spain has increased of form considerable in the last years and, accordingly, the control that the State makes of them person that it promote e, even, it exert. Thus evidenced by recent data from correctional institutions.

According to the study by 2015, the prisons of our country received 83 men and 10 women sentenced for Islamic terrorism-related offences. A total of 93 people who, almost double the figure of 2014, when 51 new inmates of this type were recorded.


Enters a prison of el Acebuche (Almería) official hospital after the fire in a cell


Almeria | 08 de August de 2016

Source: The

  • One of the prison of El Acebuche (Almería) prison officials remains entered in the Torrecárdenas Hospital in the capital after occurs during early this morning a fire in one of the cells in the prison.

Sources of the sub-delegation of Government of Almeria have explained to Europe Press that them made had place on them 1.30 hours when one of them internal burned a mattress, so quickly is activated the Protocol of security for trying to quell the fire.

Thus, along with the official who follows entered, other three inmates were injured in mild form, which have already been discharged in the hospital. He fire could be suffocated with media own, since not is arrived to give notice to the fire of Almeria.


The bargain in the prison of Blasco and 'Míster X' after the event' cooperation'


Madrid | 08 de August de 2016

Source: The world

The prison is being a ride of horses for Rafael Blasco and for Augusto César Tauroni, its entrepreneur of reference and brain of the plot that drifted to them pockets of both funds public destined to the third world. Apparently, the stay of the two in the criminal to steal money from cooperation projects is being relaxed, very flexible and smooth.

They have managed to adapt their circumstances and make prison a life style. And they feel comfortable, as the world has learned. They found at the school of the criminal your particular fortin and from there took off each toward their goal.

If months ago a complaint was to Blasco benefiting vis à vis that not, now is his companion who is designated. Tauroni - Mister X to the plot - has spent fourteen months with Internet access without control, something completely forbidden to any inmate since the use of this service may result in the destruction of evidence, according to denounce prison sources.




Madrid | 05 de August de 2016

Hoy 5 de agosto será otra fecha a marcar en el calendario de nuestro centro laboral, hoy de nuevo un funcionario ha sido agredido brutalmente por un interno “conocido”. Hoy tras recibir la orden de cambio de celda a lo que el interno se negó. Se negó de forma activa y eso ante la presencia del jefe de servicios y ante varios funcionarios equipados con los equipos de protección (casco, escudos, defensas, grilletes) e incluso ante la subdirectora de seguridad, se negó al traslado de forma pacífica y opuso resistencia.


PDFDescargar comunicado ACAIP-ESTREMERA (Documento PDF)


Inside founds visas to limit prisoners drugs


Madrid | 04 de August de 2016

Fuente: El Pais

Instituciones Penitenciarias sugiere que los reclusos compren sus fármacos si el médico le receta uno vetado por Prisiones

El Ministerio del Interior ha dado un paso más en la restricción de los medicamentos para los presos. En una circular enviada a todas las cárceles, Instituciones Penitenciarias establece la obligación de obtener un visado para dispensar los fármacos que prescriban los médicos y que no formen parte del listado de medicamentos que Interior ha decidido financiar. Si el ministerio deniega la autorización, Prisiones sugiere que el preso se pague la medicina.


Port III unions criticized the lack of "support and solidarity" with the officials attacked in July


Puerto Santa Maria | 04 de August de 2016

Source: 20 minutes

Acaip unions and FPAP, CSI-F, UGT with representation in the penitentiary Puerto III, in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz), expressed the "deep unease and outrage that has spread among the template" because "management charge of three correctional facilities that exist in the city participate in the concentration of support and solidarity to the six officials assaulted by an inmate which was held on July 28. In a note, the unions have remembered that in December 2015, directors of correctional facilities Yes participated at a rally organized in the doors of the prisons in support and solidarity to the police officers who suffered an attack on the Spanish Embassy in Kabul.




Madrid | 02 de August de 2016



PDF Download nanuario 2015 (PDF document)


A prisoner burned his cell of Zuera to protest his "solitude"


Zuera | 02 de August de 2016

Source: El Periódico de Aragón

Days earlier he had tried for assaulting another in confusion. He is serving sentence for two murders at two prisons that became.

An inmate of the prison of Zuera set fire to his cell this Sunday to protest his "solitude", causing a fire that seven people (three other prisoners and four prison warders) had to be treated for smoke inhalation.

It was the second incident of this type causing in a few days, but the former was to try to attack another prisoner. In fact, according to sources from the Center, the reason of their isolation is precisely that inmates want no part of it by its violent nature. Good proof they are the two murders committed in two separate prisons which has passed so far.


New aggression to an official in the MADRID V C.P (SOTO DE REAL)


Madrid | 29 de July de 2016

Acaip at the Madrid Penitentiary Centre trade union section V (Soto del Real), denounces and informs the public opinion for the present, a new aggression to several officials quoted Center.

This aggression took place in the Department aimed at prisoners more conflicting and dangerous, i.e. to the first degree, and was as result of the suspicion by officials that the internal initial Z. H. could carry sharp homemade objects (colloquially called pinchos) out to the courtyard, since officials suspected that he is had been able to challenge with another inmate.


PDF ACAIP-SOTO of the actual download links (PDF document)


Cadiz prison officials call for Tasers with dangerous prisoners


Madrid | 29 de July de 2016

Source: The vanguard

More than 200 officials from prisons of Cadiz have focused this afternoon before jail Puerto III to denounce the aggression of a prisoner to five workers and to claim special measures to treat the most dangerous inmates as the use of electric Tasers.

According to a statement from trade unions, ACAIP, APFP CSIF yUGT, the attack occurred July 21 when a prisoner, convicted of two murders, attacked five officials of the jail, which remain low and suffer serious injury with a skewer.


Video concentration officials in port III


Puerto Santa Maria | 29 de July de 2016


Held the concentration at the penitentiary Puerto III


Madrid | 28 de July de 2016

At noon today, officials of the prison of port 1 and 2 centers have focused and have directed to the prison of Puerto IIIen rejection of aggression suffered by the companions.




Publication BOE where is meets the contest of transfers of the personal work


Madrid | 28 de July de 2016

Resolution of July 21, 2016, the General direction of the public function, which resolves the competition of transfers of staff, convened by resolution of December 21, 2015.

The ratio of successful tenderers will be published on the website of the Ministry of public administration


Rebellion of prisoners in prison in Huelva


Huelva | 27 de July de 2016

Source: Journal of

Three inmates "threatened and induced" to other inmates at dinner to not pick up their dishes and not go to cells, incident quickly resolved by officials. Acaip returns to report the increase in major incidents

Tension permeates Huelva prison. They have located the centro penitenciario de Huelva among "the most troubled of Spain". The last episode, who has publicly denounced the prison AcaipUnion, has been a foiled mutiny attempt in one of the most conflictive modules in the prison of La Ribera.

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