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Agrupación de los Cuerpos de la Administración de Instituciones Penitenciarias

Sindicato afiliado a USO

A prisoner stabs an officer with a glass and warm to three others


Asturias | 01 de May de 2016

Source: The new Spain

The inmate, who entered in the Centre's inclusion of Asturian jail for non-payment of pensions, complained of the bad smell of the cell and ended up entrenching in the bathroom

A prisoner, who might be under the influence of some kind of drug or psychiatric problems, starred in early yesterday morning a serious incident in the social integration Centre (CIS) in the prison of Asturias, after stabbing an officer with a glass and cause bruises to three others. The incident joins the recent escape of another prisoner of the same facilities and death from overdose of an inmate in the infirmary, on Thursday of last week.

The internal R. C. F., 44 years old, entered on day 20 in the CIS. The third degree was applied directly, having to serve a sentence of less than one year, for non-payment of pensions. His behavior had been normal until midnight of the day before yesterday Friday.


Held concentration of officials in the CP of Jaén


Jaén | 28 de April de 2016

Date April 22, 2016 was held the concentration of prison employees in the prison of Jaén convened by Acaip-use, Csif and Ugt unions in contra of the personnel policy carried out by the current director Mr. Juan Mesa. The same was attended by environment 100 officials.

From Acaip we want to thank all colleagues that they were present




trainers Congress defense


Topas | 28 de April de 2016

Dear colleagues, from ACAIP-TOPAS, in collaboration with the Madrid Federation for the fight (from 1 January 2017, integrated in the Spanish Federation), has organized in the town of Morales del Vino (Zamora) for the next 4 June (from 11 to 14 h), a Congress of trainers of self defense, with the ultimate goal to make to reach all correctional facilities professionals a training personal defense so necessary in our midst.


UGT may not silence the voice of 427 prison officers


Valencia | 27 de April de 2016

To justify their appalling election results, UGT challenged the outcome of Union elections that were held on June 18, 2015.
Acaip received 427 votes at the prison complex of Dronfield and UGT 25 votes.

While the entire process unfolded flawlessly, UGT questioned the work of the coordinating table companions, alleging a "alleged irregularities", from hearsay, without any evidence, and requests the recurrence of Union elections.

PDF Acaip-Valencia download links (PDF document)


Closure for demanding labor improvements in prisons


Murcia | 27 de April de 2016

Source: The Opinion of Murcia

Officials are calling for the dismissal of the director of the Penitentiary Centre Murcia II, in Campos del Rio.

Four members of the personnel Board of the Union Acaip-use prisons yesterday maintained a closure in the building 'The raft' of Murcia which lasted from early morning until the afternoon, to be received by the director of prison Murcia II after a previous attempt to evict them.

Officials are calling for, among other measures, a number of officials to be able to go on holiday by cycle, allowing 3/2013 of the SGIIPP instruction is fulfilled, that establishes that they are entitled to enjoy them from June to September". This point will be discussed today after the commitment made by the management to reach an agreement.

In addition, denounce "breach of legislation in bargaining with unions by the director," since in February imposed its criteria in the work schedule. Also criticize «changes in service that applies to some officials, who seem to covert sanctions», so request your immediate cessation.


Internal of Salto del Negro sentenced for attack on three staff members of the penitentiary


Las Palmas | 27 de April de 2016

4 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria criminal court March 29, sentenced the internal J.J.F.O for a crime of bombing and three fouls injury the penalty of six months in prison, thirty days of permanent location and the subscription of a civil liability of seven hundred twenty euros in total.

The incident occurred in January 2010 when the inmate was serving sentence at the penitentiary of Salto del Negro, the isolation module assaulted repeatedly punched and kicked three officials, causing injuries of different consideration


PDF Download press release (PDF document)


Aggression to an official in the prison of Madrid V (Soto del Real)


Madrid | 26 de April de 2016

The trade union section of Aoalp (loa body grouping' do the administration of institutions PenltanolerieeD, of the Center regarding him Madrid V (Soto of the Peal) Union mayorltarlo in si Sector, by the presante, comes to denounce a new and wild aggression in this Centre and coming to join that have taken place in various centers with the result of Nine officials ATTACKED with various injuries in within a week.)



PDF Download press release (PDF document)


Closure of the members of the Board of staff of ACAIP-use in Murcia


Murcia | 26 de April de 2016

26/04/2016 today is being carried out a closure in the "Las Balsas" building by the members of the personnel Board of the Trade Union Acaip - useAGE. The closure will take place after the meeting that there are provided of the personnel Board in the aforementioned building; staying Union members there locked in protest by the following facts...

Requested the immediate suspension of the Director of CP Murcia2


  PDF Download links closure (PDF document)


Listing excluded provisional final contest shuttle workforce


Madrid | 26 de April de 2016

Excluded from provisional listings can be found on the web http://www.seap.minhap.es/dms/es/web/servicios/concursos_traslados/Personal_laboral/Concurso-traslados-2015/EXCLUIDOS-definitivo/EXCLUIDOS%20definitivo.pdf definitive transfers of staff contest.


The deadline for submitting these allegations is ten calendar days starting from April 27, 2016 and finishing the day, may 6, 2016.




Huelva | 27 de April de 2016

On April 16 was held at the Indoor tracks in Huelva I Open Ministry of the Interior of paddle "II Memorial José Antonio Sanchez neighbor". This tournament has been sponsored by the Foundation society and justice, that has as main employer to our Union ACAIP and has counted with the collaboration of the unified police Union (SUP) and the unified Association of civil guards (AUGC).


PDF Download information Acaip (PDF document)


torneo-ministerio 241torneo-ministerio 006torneo-ministerio 297torneo-ministerio 321torneo-ministerio 013torneo-ministerio 230torneo-ministerio 338torneo-ministerio 008torneo-ministerio 217torneo-ministerio 246rey-al-cuadro-17 004




Madrid | 25 de April de 2016

The application of penalties and alternative measures to prison in Spain


  • DATE: Monday, May 9, 2016 and Tuesday, may 10, 2016
  • REGISTRATION deadline: May 9, 2015 (email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

PDF Download information Congress (PDF document)


A prisoner of the Torrecica 5 officers assaulted during a fight


Albacete | 22 de April de 2016

Source: Cadena Ser Castilla

The reo hit 4 workers of the prison and the fifth bit. Unions denounced insecurity for employees and inmates

The Albacete prison of La Torrecica registered last Wednesday an attack by an inmate several officials. It was at night, at dinner when the defendant, 27-year hit four prison workers and bit to one-fifth.

It all started in the dining room when the inmate had one fight with another, and trying to mediate the prison officer, the prisoner threatened him with a plastic knife. At that time, was required the presence of the Chief of service of prison and several officials, that led to the prisoner to other units. It was here where the defendant stuck to 4 officers and modio to one-fifth in an arm.


Resolution BOE return pays extra 2012


Madrid | 21 de April de 2016

Resolution of 18 April 2016, joint secretaries of State budgets and expenditure and public administrations, which dictate instructions for effective implementation, in the field of the State public sector, of the forecasts of the twelfth additional provision of Act 48/2015, on 29 October, of the State budget for the year 2016.


PDF (BOE-A-2016-3827 - 8 pages - 291 KB)


Savage aggression of a prisoner three officials of Aranjuez prison: «I am going to kill one!»


Madrid | 20 de April de 2016

Source: ABC.es

In the internal Kalid C.B. afternoon yesterday he assaulted three officers of the Penitentiary centre of Aranjuez produce different injuries requiring medical assistance in the infirmary of the Center. The facts happened about 1930 in module 5 hours when the prisoner suddenly began to beat crystals of office of officials.

Given their State of agitation, growing, and so that he could Rouse other inmates proceeds to remove it at the entrance of the module to try to calm it, moment in which without Word are attacks against officials giving a headbutt in the Chin one of them, while shouting: "see what happens bastards ", I am going to kill one by one, to pass the following», meanwhile not stop throwing punches and kicks, reach to an official in the nose and chest and another in the hand, produce different injuries.


Trade unions in the prison of Jaén will concentrate on Friday against the director of the Center


Jaén | 19 de April de 2016

Source: Ideal.es

They denounce the "opening of absurd records, requirements officers without sense, denying unwarranted permissions".

The Acaip-use, Csif and UGT Trade Union sections in the prison of Jaen have announced a concentration of officials next Friday against "bad management staff" made by the current director of the prison, Juan Mesa.

Officials of the State will regain 50% extra pay that were not charged in 2012


Madrid | 19 de April de 2016

Source: Antenna 3

The Ministry of Finance explained that officials of the General Administration of the State and the Ministry of Justice to recover 50% of the extraordinary pay who had pending charge since it was abolished in 2012.

The Ministry of finance and public administration , shall be paid to the public employees of the General Administration of the State (AGE) pending extra pay half of December abolished in 2012 in remains of month of April or along may. According to Ministry sources have confirmed, payment will not be included in the payroll but that will be a separate subscription, although they have not specified if you will be charged once all pending, almost 50% percentage.


Galician prisons: more unsafe to cut 20% of staff


Teixeiro | 18 de April de 2016

Source: Email Gallego.es

Shortage of staff since 2010 causes an increase in incidents, with 12 serious injured workers by prisoners from teixeiro detention facility by 2015 / / missing 320 cells for inmates, in "overcrowding" denounced by trade unions / / lament the lack of opposition.

Behind bars of the five prisons are there in Galicia, they inhabit 3.539 prisoners according to the latest data from the end of 2015. And of them, about 1760 are responsible workers (the vast majority of officials, in addition to the workforce). And both the population of prisoners and employees face the inevitable consequences of the crisis: the civil service is reduced, not summon opposition and still is suffering from overcrowding in prisons. Is already very far away that overcrowding of the 166% reported in 2008 by the Trade Union Association of the bodies of the administration of the institutions prison (Acaip).


Call course INAP in English


Madrid | 18 de April de 2016

  • Recipients: Public employees subgroups A1, A2, C1 and C2 and levels equivalent of the workforce

Requests:      Until 3 may

Download requests: http://www.inap.es/formacion_idioma_ingles


PDF Download course information (PDF document)


The Secretary of State advances a public call for employment in prisons


Madrid | 15 de April de 2016

Source: Burgos newspaper

The Secretary of State for security advances the intention of the Government to convene shortly an offer of public employment for correctional institutions

Ensures that, despite the crisis, penitentiary institutions "worked well"

The Secretary of State for security, Francisco Martínez Vázquez, said today in Burgos to a new public in penitentiary institutions offering will be convened in the next few weeks allowing recover lost with the crisis labor ratios. In this way, the Secretary of State wanted to calm the spirits caldeados in recent weeks at facilities like the prison of Burgos, whose template has already protested on several occasions due to the lack of staff.




Madrid | 12 de April de 2016

Acaip complaint to Mr. Secretario General of penitentiary institutions by the blackouts of the grid that supplies to the prison of Botafuegos (Algeciras)


PDF Download Acaip complaint (PDF document)


Controversy at Huelva prison by the placement of a system of video surveillance in the offices


Huelva | 12 de April de 2016

Source: ABC

The data protection agency intervenes following the complaint of Acaip, claiming that he was installed without the knowledge of officials.

The Agency's Data protection has announced that «beingprevious inspection actions"in the prison of Huelva by the placement of a new video surveillance system in the office area, which was put into operation at the beginning of year without prior information to workers or to their representatives, which was denounced by the Trade Union Acaip.


JAÉN-prison unions will concentrate for "bad management in material from staff"


Jaén | 08 de April de 2016

Source: Ideal.es

In a statement, claim to not understand how "someone who boasts of human resource manager modifies no reason the jobs of professional and efficient staff"

The Acaip-use, CSIF and UGT Trade Union sections in the prison of Jaen have described as "very bad management personnel" carried out by director Juan Mesa and announced that they will they focus the week of 18 to 24 April, although they have still not set the exact date of the protest.


Acaip-Cordoba requests rectification publishes to the Mayor of Córdoba


Cordoba | 08 de April de 2016

Source: Journal of Cordoba

Statements by the Mayor of Córdoba at the opening of the new Civic Center, on the grounds of the old prison of Fatima

"In addition, it highlighted that the fact that neighborhood discussions and participation in the Affairs of the city will be held in these facilities"continues to be a certain poetic justice", and is that"where you installed the repression, fear and humiliation, starting today will flourish freedom, dialogue and dignity".

PDF Download press release (PDF document)


Second exercise upper body of technical IIPP, psychologists-approved open access


Madrid | 08 de April de 2016

Agreement of the jury of selective tests for income, by the general system of open access, in the upper body of technical IIPP, specialty of psychologists, whereby the public are the results of the second financial year related in annex I alphabetical order, scores, and are invited to the third exercise.



Are thus built prisons in Spain: luxury services to 'humanize prisons'


Madrid | 06 de April de 2016

Fuente: Idealista.com

enemos dormitorios individuales, enfermería, escuela, biblioteca, instalaciones deportivas y recreativas, talleres, patios, peluquería, cocina y amplio comedor. ¿Es usted celíaco? ¿Quiere una dieta especial? No se preocupe. Elaboramos cuatro tipos de dietas: una general, otra de enfermería (dieta baja en sal, especial para diabéticos, alérgicos, dieta blanda, etcétera), una dieta vegetariana y otra para musulmanes (en la que no se incluyen alimentos como el cerdo). Fabricamos aproximadamente 5.000 panes diarios en aquellos centros donde tenemos más de mil habitaciones.


Resolution publication provisional listings contest in the EETPFE


Madrid | 05 de April de 2016

Resolution publication provisional scores contest EETPFE.pdf


The latest leak in Fontcalent matches a massification of 170% and staff low ebb


Alicante | 03 de April de 2016

Source: Information

The Alicante criminal not recorded consummate leaks in 14 years, although there have been several attempts.

The escape of an inmate of the prison of Fontcalent been evidencilos cuts of recent years with a staff low ebb and a rate of overcrowding which is around 170%, as they have been denouncing the prison unions. Shortcomings that can leave faces not only the risks in terms of security, but in economic terms. In a trial that is pending sentence, the prosecution claimed to state that compensation with 56,000 euros to an inmate by the serious injury suffered by another prisoner jailed for a murder.


Call psychologist secondment in the CP of JAÉN


Madrid | 31 de March de 2016

Attached offer of vacant job of PSYCHOLOGIST / PSYCHOLOGIST of the penitentiary centre of JAÉN, for its coverage on secondment by article 66 of the Royal Decree 364/1995.


PDF Download call Commission service psychologist (PDF document)




Madrid | 31 de March de 2016

The purpose of this meeting is to reform the legislation on competitions, service commissions, temporary secondments, temporary powers... is how to access to a job


PDF Acaip download links (PDF document)




Valladolid | 30 de March de 2016

We sent information about the international penitentiary days "the prison reform: of the Prisons Act of 1979 to the reform of the Penal Code of 2015 and future needs". These will be held at the Faculty of law of the University of Valladolid on 28 and 29 April next.

More information and registration



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