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Agrupación de los Cuerpos de la Administración de Instituciones Penitenciarias

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Acaip denounces aggression 3 officials in Morón de la Frontera


Morón de la Frontera | 28 de August de 2015

On August 18 there was an incident in the penitentiary centre of Morón de la Frontera where an inmate assaulted three officials, who to this day remain low by injuries. The event occurred in the Department insulation where inmate classified in grade V M Victor Dario with a broad history of aggression and conflict in this Centre and until recently he was in article 91•3 undertook it kicked and punched against officials of the departaemnte.
It happened during the distribution of food and the refusal of the official that I had extra commissary (as it had in the morning) set out to insult and threaten the officials then pounce on them in a tremendous State of agitation and aggressiveness. Acaip denounces the lack of personnel at the penitentiary of Morón de la frontera and wish a speedy recovery to the affected officials.


Appearance of YUSTE and President of SIEP


Madrid | 27 de August de 2015

Appearance of Angel Yuste and the President of the SIEP on the internal Committee of the Chamber of Deputies session on August 18 to present budgets in the year 2016.


PDF Download YUSTE internal Committee hearing (PDF document)

PDF Download Chairman of the internal Committee SIEP appearance (PDF document)


Picassent officials extinguished a fire and rescue a prisoner from his cell


Valencia | 26 de August de 2015


Acaip Union understands that they have gone beyond their duty requires them and deserve public recognition.


Acaip Union has requested of the General Secretariat of penitentiary institutions public recognition to the work of the officials of the prison in Picassent (Valencia) this Tuesday they managed to extinguish a fire in a cell module 24 from prison and rescue a prisoner from the inside.

Acaip reported in a statement, about 17: 00 hours, when most of the inmates of the module were in the courtyard, began to see black smoke through the window of one of the cells.


The delay of Archidona prison drowns the of Alhaurin de la Torre in the overcrowded


Malaga | 26 de August de 2015

Source: The world

  • Unions insist the saturation of the provincial prison inmates

  • Understaffing prevents that the Archidona criminal is put in place.

  • There are two officials for 140 prisoners in prison in Alhaurín de la Torre. Each two prisoners share a cell while under the Penitentiary Act, there should be only one inmate in each, and the situation worsens in the module of women, where they have come to share bedroom, bathroom and toilet in threes. Unions allege that these situations are solved with the opening of the prison of Archidona, which the Government has delayed at least until 2017 without any certainty of whether that date will have to postpone it further.


Massive fight in the prison of Soto del Real


Madrid | 23 de August de 2015

In day today August 23, 2015 and 12 hours, there has been a massive fight in module 2 listed as multirreincidentes and maladjusted. Between 15 and 20 inmates have engaged in a massive fight where there were two sides: Spanish and Dominican. It came immediately all available officers playing type to control this situation so violently. Finally 6 inmates have had to be isolated because of his strength and aggressiveness. Once more, Acaip denounces the lack of personnel suffering the center that gets worse in the summer holiday period.


Cadiz prisons, on the map of Jihad


Madrid | 24 de August de 2015

Source: Voice

The prisons in the province extreme surveillance after the call by Islamist followers ringleaders for help to free the captives 'brothers

«Remember the sadness of the Muslim captive when you smile». With clear and intentional religious appearance, Jihad leaders made a llamamient0 July 18 his followers to 'free' which, prisoners in Spanish jails, accused of Islamist terrorism offences comply conviction.


Three officials of Picassent wounded by a "dangerous prisoner"


Madrid | 24 de August de 2015

Source: Levante.EMV

Acaip Union denounces lack of Valencian prison conditions to host 'very dangerous' inmates.

The grouping of the bodies of the administration of penitentiaries (Acaip) reported Monday that three employees of the Picassent prison internal different consideration last Friday by several injured were "very dangerous". So, has been criticized in a statement conditions of this prison to house prisoners 'very dangerous'

The first assault occurred on 21 August in Module 19 unit from preventive of the prison establishment - which houses the most dangerous prisoners-, when an inmate started beating the windows and broke the glass.


Acaip denounced the conditions in the solitary confinement in Puerto III


Puerto Santa Maria | 23 de August de 2015

Source: Diario de Cádiz

The Union highlights the danger of the lack of fire-retardant mattresses after an incident with a prisoner.

The grouping of the bodies of the administration of penitentiaries (Acaip) has issued a statement in which highlight a situation which the Trade Union is considered as "hot summer" in the Department of Puerto III prison isolation. Acaip complaint the "lack of suitable material for the performance of our daily work", and refers to an incident a few days ago, in the course of which an inmate broke a punch a protective shield.


Adelas-Muface: fulfill your obligation and pay us the money of the operation of our daughter


Madrid | 21 de August de 2015


A ROOMMATE requests our help : ADESLAS-MUFACE did not authorize a surgical intervention for my daughter based only on the criteria of a professional of his medical box that, coincidentally, was the only dissenting voice among all the opinions and obtained medical reports. Now, they are asking that it meet its obligations and the money back.




Inside fears an anarchist attack on prison officers next week


Madrid | 20 de August de 2015

Source: Voice Populi

Correctional institutions distributed a circular prison so their workers extreme measures of self-protection before the possible receipt of suspicious packages between 23 and 30 August. The reason: the convening of a Conference of support to inmates of this idiologica launched on the Internet with clear threats directed the "jailers".


The rate of replenishment of the police, Civil Guard and prisons will be 100%


Madrid | 19 de August de 2015

Source: Agencia EFE

The rate of replacement of personnel into the national police, the Guardia Civil and penitentiary institutions for next year will be 100 percent, according to said today the Secretary of State for security, Francisco Martínez to explain their department budgets by 2016.

During his appearance on the inside of the Congressional Committee, Martínez highlighted the security area will be 88 per cent of the 8.009 billion of the budget of the year coming, of which highlighted the public offer of employment for police, civil guards and prison officers with a replacement of the 100 per cent rate.


The Jihad call Muslims to release its prisoners in Spain


Madrid | 17 de August de 2015


The message was issued from the Arabian Peninsula after the attacks in Tunisia.

Global Jihad has made an explicit appeal followers to 'release' prisoners held in Spanish jails accused of Islamist terrorism offences, and lambastes the Government keep them isolated. Leaders of Islamic State (EI), Al-Qaida and other terrorist groups, accused not only hit the police efficiency, but also the implementation of the "programme of intervention with internal Islamist", that has, among other objectives, avoid prison Center of recruitment of future Mujahedin, or that from these attacks are planned. So far the plan has allowed control to some 2,000 inmates, most from Muslim countries.


General elections parking privatization of prisons security plan


Madrid | 17 de August de 2015

Source: The confidential

Interior still has not decided if it will give way to the third phase of the project, which would involve the departure of civil guards of prisons from next October


The imminent holding of general elections - that recent forecasts in mid-December - be expected that the Government avoid making decisions involving electoral after summer cost. One of the taboo topics that leave aside is the controversial issue of the privatization of security in prisons, which provoked - when launched in 2012 - a dream boo to the Executive by public opinion, which interpreted it as a first step to go giving powers of the police and the Civil Guard companies.





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PDF Download ACAIP magazine (PDF document)




Madrid | 12 de August de 2015

Through a report by the head of information of the Civil Guard, this coordination of prison security had
knowledge that from 23 to 30 August current has been called the "week International's solidarity with the prisoners
Anarchists", through the diffusion on Internet pages of alluding to the aforementioned call sign and the specimen given in the margin.


PDF Download note (PDF document)

A prisoner of Puerto II wounds several officials with a knife and a Crystal


El Puerto Santa Maria | 11 de August de 2015

Source: The Digital Voice

ACAIP Union made public this incident to denounce the bad quality of the working material of prison staff.

A prisoner qualified as very dangerous, which responds to the initial Angel g. R., starred in this Sunday a serious incident at Puerto II infirmary where compliance module convicted of murder. In its history it has two convictions for crime of blood. One of his victims was a taxi driver who killed with blows.


The Government does not provide for open prison in Archidona "short term"


Malaga | 07 de August de 2015

Source: Europapress

Mr Hernández Mollar says will be allocated 7.5 million for equipment and recalls that a public employment offer is required.

The Government does not provide for open prison in Archidona "short term" Archidona (Málaga) prison will not open its doors "short-term". While the appropriation of 26.7 million euros in the General State budget (PGE) for the next financial year seemed the definitive impulse to the opening of this prison, which takes three years closed, the Deputy of the Government, Jorge Hernández Mollar, pointed out that there is a "will" and that the Executive is "taking steps" to put in motion.


Archidona prison could open in 2016


Malaga | 05 de August de 2015

Source: The Opinion of Malaga

Government allocates more than 26 million euros to its opening.

The centro penitenciario de Archidona, Málaga II, called can open its facilities next year, once the Government has made a game of 26.7 million euros in The General State budget by 2016.

The Deputy of the PP Carolina Spain, which presented this morning the budgets for the province, said that the work is completed and more than 26 million planned "will serve to open".


ACAIP denounces that in Alhaurín de la Torre 27 violent episodes have been recorded in July, three of them, on Thursday


Malaga | 01 de August de 2015


Three officers were injured is the balance of three incidents in the provincial prison of Alhaurín de la Torre , which staged various offenders in violent attitude. A few facts that Union ACAIP adds up to a month of particularly contentious July and blamed the recorded high temperatures these days.


The Picassent prison registers 874 serious incidents in six months, according to Acaip


Madrid | 27 de July de 2015

Source: The provinces

A report of the Group of the bodies of the administration of penitentiaries (Acaip) reveals that the first half of the year has left 874 serious or very serious incidents in the penitentiary establishment in Valencia, located in Dronfield.

The Union said in a statement that 12 attacks or attempts of aggression occurred to workers in this period, nearly 20 percent more compared to the second half of the year 2014, which makes this penitentiary "one of the most troubled of the Spanish prison system"


Ceuta: the opening of the new prison will require 300 officials more


Ceuta | 26 de July de 2015

Source: the Digital lighthouse.

The General Secretariat of penitentiary institutions is considering "phased" opening of the new prison of Loma Mendizabal, infrastructure that has already been received by the Administration, which has awarded a maintenance contract for the services of the new prison as long as it remains closed.

"I I don't dare to put their opening date", confirmed the Government delegate, Nicolás Fernández Cucurull during his speech at the program the morning of COPE Ceuta. "We are in this, in that at least can be opened by phases, but prefer not to put a date because they have not given it me in Madrid".


Unions denounce attacks five more prison officials


Madrid | 26 de July de 2015

Source: The North of Castile

Three of them were injured in a struggle with an inmate, and two others in a conflict with a prisoner who didn't want to go to a video surveillance.

According to be denounced from the Union Acaip, other two incidents have occurred more in the prison in recent weeks. One of them was the aggression two officials by an inmate who did not want to attend a video-surveillance - even though they are not low medical-, and another was also the assault three officials by an inmate in a struggle - one of the workers is low by injury in the wrist.


Modification instruction days and times in the AGE


Madrid | 24 de July de 2015

Resolution of 22 July 2015, of the Ministry of public administrations, which modifies the one of December 28, 2012, which is issued instructions on the day and hours of work of the staff at the service of the General Administration of the State and its public bodies.


PDF Download publication BOE (PDF document)




Madrid | 23 de July de 2015

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Optional body II career appointment. PP


Madrid | 20 de July de 2015

Resolution of 6 July 2015, of the Ministry of public administrations, that career officials, are named by the general system of the optional body of prison health, free access.


PDF (BOE-A-2015-8103 - 2 pp. - 148 KB)




Madrid | 17 de July de 2015

Acaip-use participated yesterday, with other trade unions, in the meeting of the table General of negotiation of the General Administration of the State - MGNAGE-summoned to treat a broad agenda - which then became nothing-apart from a declaration of good intentions... many excuses... some promises... and much policy...


PDF Download links (PDF document)


2 enfermer@s service commissions urgent call


Madrid | 17 de July de 2015

Attached convocaotoria of 2 committees of urgent service of one month in the position of nurses in the penitentiary centre of Morón de la Frontera with claims for residency.

. Deadline for submission of applications: Until 20 July

Commission duration: 1 month

PDF Download call Service Commission (PDF document)


Prison officials, worried about the rise of tuberculosis cases


Murcia | 17 de July de 2015

Source: The being

Acaip Union requests to activate the Protocol of contagious diseases to protect officials. There are 16 prisoners subject to special surveillance in prison in Murcia

Prisons Acaip Union already has asked the Ministry of the Interior the activation of the Protocol 1302 of contagious diseases


Tuberculosis is not eradicated in Spain. Thus from forceful shown from Penitentiary institutions. There are currently at least four confirmed cases of inmates who have the disease in other many Spanish prisons and 16 prisoners more than they are being watched because they are suspected of having contracted the disease, according to prison sources confirmed.

The four cases are in the prisons of Soto del Real, Valdemoro, Murcia and Las Palmas.


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