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Agrupación de los Cuerpos de la Administración de Instituciones Penitenciarias

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The Centro Penitenciario de Algeciras suffers a cut power for more than 24 hours


Algeciras | 03 de February de 2016

Hereby, the Trade Union sections of the penitentiary centre of ALGECIRAS: ACAIP, CSIF, CC. OO. And FPAP, on representation of practice all of the template of workers of this Center, proceed to to inform and to denounce the "serious danger" that were exposed, the workers and inmates more than 1450 which houses this penitentiary, a failure of the power supply, which has left more than 24 hours without light or water and held incommunicado at the Centre , from 12 noon on Sunday, January 31 until 1 p.m. on 1 February.

PDF Download written complaint to Central Government (PDF document)


Teruel prison equipment has already been awarded by the SIEP


Teruel | 03 de February de 2016

Source: Journal of Teruel

The infrastructure and correctional facilities (SIEP) society has already awarded the equipment of the third phase of expansion of the works of the penitentiary centre of Teruel, whose new modules and dependencies is expected come into operation during the next spring.

The expected date is initially for late March and since the final months of last year, the SIET, public entity in charge of the prison infrastructure, has been awarding the different equipment of phase III of these works, which included one of the sectors of toilet and hygiene, radiointerference contracts, sports, appliances, office, fax and photocopier equipment Laundry, different furniture and nursing.


Relationship admitidos-excluidos opposition to the coaching staff of II. PP


Madrid | 02 de February de 2016

Order INT/89/2016, of 26 January, which approves the definitive list of admitted and excluded the selective process for income, by the general system of open access, in the upper body of technical of penitentiary institutions, specialties of lawyers and psychologists, convened by order INT/2296/2015, 26 de Octubre.


PDF (BOE-A-2016-969 - 3 pp. - 285 KB)


Recruitment policy of the SGIIPP accidents


Madrid | 29 de January de 2016

AnunAnunciio for the award of contracts: Subdirección General Penitentiary Service. Object: Hiring of a policy of segurocolectivo of accidents for the staff of the GeneGeneral secretariat of penitentiary institutions. File: 020020150055




Madrid | 29 de January de 2016



PDF Download Guide elaborated by ACAIP (PDF document)


Cordoba-a Union denounces aggression to a prison official


Cordoba | 24 de January de 2016

Source: Journal of Cordoba

ACAIP - use trade union delegation reported that on Sunday there has been a "serious assault" to an officer of the penitentiary of Alcolea. According to this group in a statement, facts have occurred at 09:05 o'clock in Module 9 when service officials called attention to an inmate by the poor state of cleanliness and hygiene of his cell.


Empty sum Archidona 1.6 million prison in costs after three years


Malaga | 23 de January de 2016

Source: Diario Sur

  • The Government has brought to contest furniture and other equipment, although not expected its opening this year not having staff.

  • 540,000 euros a year is the cost of maintenance and monitoring of the penitentiary centre no-operation

Although the prison of Archidona still closed three years after its construction, every night lights around the perimeter and part of its facilities generating an expenditure of light on a similar surface occupied which twelve soccer fields. Although it has prisoners, security reasons force to keep it guarded. This makes the second prison of the province have closed carries an annual cost to the coffers of the State of 540,000 euros in maintenance, so that after three years of closure upright more than 1.6 million euros which are falling on deaf ears.


Body technicians top of penitentiary institutions


Madrid | 23 de January de 2016

Order INT/31/2016, of 20 January, which approves the provisional list of admitted and excluded and Announces place, day and time of the first and second exercise of the selection process for admission, by the system of internal promotion, in the upper body of technical of penitentiary institutions, specialties of lawyers and psychologists, convened by order INT/2558/2015 , 25 November.


PDF (BOE-A-2016-640 - 3 pages - 197 KB)


The Foundation society and justice receive a medal for merit


Granada | 22 de January de 2016

Dated January 22, 2016, and on the occasion of the festivity of "Raimundo de Peñafort", the Faculty of law of Granada gives the Medal for merits to Foundation society and justice where the employer is ACAIP

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Acaip denies that eight officials of Dueñas assaulted and vejaran a prisoner


Palencia | 21 de January de 2016

Source: The North of Castile

The Union says that, following the complaint from the inmate, prison inspection opened an investigation and no irregularities detected.

Acaip, majority Union in penitentiary institutions, has released a statement in which defends the actions of six officers in the prison of owners that the owner of the number 4 Court cited to declare February 26, three of them as investigated and the other three witnesses, in relation to the complaint from an inmate for an alleged crime against the moral integrity of which has been a victim After that, supposedly, eight prison workers assaulted him and vejaran.


Officials denounce the constant aggressions of a recluse in el Dueso


El Dueso | 21 de January de 2016

Source: Diario Montanes


Unions denounced the constant attacks, insults and threats of an inmate. At least 8 altercations in less than 19 days.




Held in the CP of ESTREMERA padel tournament


Madrid | 20 de January de 2016

On 16 January was held a meeting of colleagues, public employees, sportsmen, but mostly of good people to participate in the organized by the Foundation society and justice, and ACAIPPADEL tournament, which is commissioned ACAIP ESTREMERAsection. Throughout the day, from 10:30 h until more than 21 h we enjoyed a day of twinning between prison officers, and where also FCSE members attended. Also was attended by friends and family of participants to especially enjoy the semi-finals and the finals. That honor, sweat and humor were the cat water two pairs of the EP MADRID VII - Estremera.


Comisiopn of service in the EEPTFE in the zip code of Valladolid


Madrid | 20 de January de 2016

Being necessary to cover a post at the State entity of public law prison work and training for employment, on secondment (article 64 of the Royal Decree 364/1995, of 10 March), requested that you publication of call for proposals which is attached on the bulletin boards of the penitentiary establishment and units central services of the General Secretariat and the State entity of public law prison work and training for employment.

PDF Download call Commission service (PDF document)


Instruction PLAN 2016 SOCIAL action


Madrid | 18 de January de 2016

Attached letter of the Assistant Director-General of human resources and instructions for potential applicants of the help of sons of the next social action of the year 2016 plan begin to register the children in the implementation of the portal SIGP works.

The relatives to register will be:

  • Children between 0 to 26 years, date 31/12/2015.
  • Spouse, couple, single people with children and ex-spouse: provided that both applicants belong to the Administration prison and INDEDPENDIENTEMENTE of that one or two ask by sons.

PDF Download instructions (PDF document)


The Picassent prison records 878 serious incidents in six months, according to Acaip


Valencia | 13 de January de 2016

Source: Europapress

The prison in Picassent (Valencia) has recorded 878 incidents of serious or very serious in six months, from July 1 to December 31, 2015, which include ten assaults or attempts to injure workers. The percentage is an increase of almost 20 per cent on the same period in 2014, according to data provided by the grouping of the bodies of the administration of penitentiaries (Acaip) in a statement.

For the Union, this Centre is one of the "more conflicting" Spain because it houses a "very diverse" mix of inmates. It adds that there is a 'endemic deficit' staff by "abuse" from the General Secretariat of penitentiary institutions (IIPP), which considered it as a "normal" when it comes to staffing"Center, despite the fact that"it is not certain due to its size and its architectural structure".


Maximum amounts Inns passive classes 2016


Madrid | 12 de January de 2016

Pension table prepared by Acaip this year 2016.


PDF Download information Acaip (PDF document)

Jada's personal income tax, how us affect?


Madrid | 12 de January de 2016

  • The nominal rate of tax is from July as expected by 2016, i.e. a marginal minimum of 19% and a maximum of 45%.
  • It is a minimum, almost imperceptible rebate for domestic economies whose incomes stretch is between 20,200 and 35.200 EUR per year.
  • This slice not affects us all equally. In practice it is a discount of 78 €/anual...entre 5 and 10 € per month.

PDF Download information Acaip (PDF document)


Concluisones 2015 prison supervision judges


Madrid | 11 de January de 2016



PDF Download conclusions (PDF document)


Catalogue of free time by Acaip residences


Madrid | 11 de January de 2016

Below you will find the residences of free time available, vacation spots designed for workers and their families, who let rooms of quality at affordable prices.
Requests (official design of each autonomous community where the residence is located) are pointing directly to households or to the competent ministries, by letter, fax or e-mail as indicated in each appropriate case.

PDF Download file prepared by Acaip (PDF document)


The lack of workers complicate the service in the prison of Zuera


Zuera | 11 de January de 2016

Source: El Periódico de Aragón

The majority Union warns that there are about 60 jobs filled. They are confident that the problem is mitigates public employment offer this year.

The lack of announcement of public employment since the onset of the crisis is creating problems of understaffing in many areas, and prisons, specifically the criminal of Zuera, Zaragoza, is no exception. This alerts the Union Acaip, majority in the sector, which estimates that there are about 60 jobs filled in various fields in the enclosure. A problem that complicates the operation in the prison, and expect that you can remedy with the offer of public employment (EPO) this year.


The Government begins to be fitted to the inside of the centro penitenciario de Archidona


Malaga | 10 de January de 2016

Source: The

The Government seems to have the intention to comply with given recent deadlines for opening of the prison of Archidona. Great reason to do so and in the middle of Christmas has been to tender part of the equipment which will be officially named as Malaga II Correctional Center.

The intention as already warned on a visit to the Center in October of the Secretary general of penitentiary institutions, Angel Yuste, will be have all awarded before the end of February this year. The opening date would be mediated 2017 for a building that is completed in 2011 and which has cost € 160 million and 800,000 a year only in maintenance being closed.


70 officials monitor the inside of the prison when they should be a minimum of 90


Brugos | 04 de January de 2016

Source: connects burgos

  • Officials respond to the demonstrations called by unions demanding that the vacancies are covered
  • There are an average of 15 workers per shift, the minimum allowed by law, to control 450 inmates
  • In the next two years, if the retirements are not covered 70 officials would be reduced to little more than 50

Summoned to contest the EETPFE transfers


Madrid | 31 de December de 2015

Officials of the subgroups A1, A2, C1 and C2 resolution of December 15, 2015, of the Ministry of security, which is announces competition for the provision of jobs, in the State of prison labour and employment training.


PDF Download concert published in the Official Gazette (PDF document)


Instruction 10/2015: New intervention of penalties and alternative measures programs. Procedures and methodology


Madrid | 29 de December de 2015

Procedures of administrative management for the implementation of new programmes of intervention in penalties and measures alternatives. Methodology of new programmes. Specific reference to the rule of conduct of the 83.1 article 8 ° of the criminal C

DescargarDownload (PDF document)

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A dam complaint before the judge pressures to hide the preferential treatment to Isabel Pantoja


Seville | 28 de December de 2015

Source: Vox Populi

An inmate of the prison of Alcala de Guadaira (Sevilla) forwards a letter to the Court from prison surveillance which ensures to have been coerced to testify against officials in prisons which made public the so-called privileges of the popular singer behind bars.

  • Dam assures that it has signed "dam of fear" the "false" statement that served inside close to the research on the privileges to the popular singer

Far from finished, the scandal by the so-called preferential treatment in the prison of Alcalá de Guadaíra (Sevilla) to the popular singer Isabel Pantoja has arrived, even the courts.


Call contest III Convention unique work personal transfers


Madrid | 28 de December de 2015

Resolution of December 21, 2015, of the General direction of the public function, which is called contest of transfers for the provision of jobs for staff working in the field of the III Convention only of the General Administration of the State.


Acaip: "Topas prison director puts in risk the physical integrity of officials"


Topas | 27 de December de 2015

Source: La Tribuna de Salamanca


The prison Union denounces "authoritarian" measures carried out by the new director of the Centre, José Luis Castejón, generate tension among the prisoners. One of them burned a mattress in a confinement causing property damage and risk to health officials.

The Union of the pridion of Topas Salamanca, Acaip, has sent a letter in which he denounces "the rejection of some of the measures implemented since the arrival of José Luis Castejón, Director of the C.P. of Topas, which undertakes to sit the inmates of a given shape in the dining rooms of modules and workers to sort by slaps to sit" , indicated.




Madrid | 23 de December de 2015

It is expected that from the day 28 December 2015 is published in the Official Gazette the invitation to tender for the provision of jobs for staff working in the field of the III Convention only of the General Administration of the State.


PDF Download note (PDF document)


Irene Rivera criticized the lack of staff and resources to the prison infrastructure


Malaga | 23 de December de 2015

Source: Diario Sur

The candidate of citizens to the Congress by Malaga regrets that officials "don't know what they face every day".

The candidate of citizens from Malaga to the Chamber of Deputies, Irene Rivera, has criticized the lack of staff and means for prison infrastructure, such as Alhaurin de la Torre and Archidona Malaga prisons.

After a meeting Wednesday with the grouping of the bodies of the administration of penitentiaries in Malaga (Acaip) to meet the demands of prison officials, stated "the numbers reveal the precariousness once more".


Institutions of medical care insurance providers provincial catalogues to 2016-2017


Madrid | 23 de December de 2015

2016-2017 health organizations provincial catalogues: ADELAS ASISA, DKV, IGUALATORIO CANTABRIA.

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