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Agrupación de los Cuerpos de la Administración de Instituciones Penitenciarias

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The Picassent prison registers 874 serious incidents in six months, according to Acaip


Madrid | 27 de July de 2015

Source: The provinces

A report of the Group of the bodies of the administration of penitentiaries (Acaip) reveals that the first half of the year has left 874 serious or very serious incidents in the penitentiary establishment in Valencia, located in Dronfield.

The Union said in a statement that 12 attacks or attempts of aggression occurred to workers in this period, nearly 20 percent more compared to the second half of the year 2014, which makes this penitentiary "one of the most troubled of the Spanish prison system"


Ceuta: the opening of the new prison will require 300 officials more


Ceuta | 26 de July de 2015

Source: the Digital lighthouse.

The General Secretariat of penitentiary institutions is considering "phased" opening of the new prison of Loma Mendizabal, infrastructure that has already been received by the Administration, which has awarded a maintenance contract for the services of the new prison as long as it remains closed.

"I I don't dare to put their opening date", confirmed the Government delegate, Nicolás Fernández Cucurull during his speech at the program the morning of COPE Ceuta. "We are in this, in that at least can be opened by phases, but prefer not to put a date because they have not given it me in Madrid".


Unions denounce attacks five more prison officials


Madrid | 26 de July de 2015

Source: The North of Castile

Three of them were injured in a struggle with an inmate, and two others in a conflict with a prisoner who didn't want to go to a video surveillance.

According to be denounced from the Union Acaip, other two incidents have occurred more in the prison in recent weeks. One of them was the aggression two officials by an inmate who did not want to attend a video-surveillance - even though they are not low medical-, and another was also the assault three officials by an inmate in a struggle - one of the workers is low by injury in the wrist.


Modification instruction days and times in the AGE


Madrid | 24 de July de 2015

Resolution of 22 July 2015, of the Ministry of public administrations, which modifies the one of December 28, 2012, which is issued instructions on the day and hours of work of the staff at the service of the General Administration of the State and its public bodies.


PDF Download publication BOE (PDF document)




Madrid | 23 de July de 2015

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Optional body II career appointment. PP


Madrid | 20 de July de 2015

Resolution of 6 July 2015, of the Ministry of public administrations, that career officials, are named by the general system of the optional body of prison health, free access.


PDF (BOE-A-2015-8103 - 2 pp. - 148 KB)




Madrid | 17 de July de 2015

Acaip-use participated yesterday, with other trade unions, in the meeting of the table General of negotiation of the General Administration of the State - MGNAGE-summoned to treat a broad agenda - which then became nothing-apart from a declaration of good intentions... many excuses... some promises... and much policy...


PDF Download links (PDF document)


2 enfermer@s service commissions urgent call


Madrid | 17 de July de 2015

Attached convocaotoria of 2 committees of urgent service of one month in the position of nurses in the penitentiary centre of Morón de la Frontera with claims for residency.

. Deadline for submission of applications: Until 20 July

Commission duration: 1 month

PDF Download call Service Commission (PDF document)


Prison officials, worried about the rise of tuberculosis cases


Murcia | 17 de July de 2015

Source: The being

Acaip Union requests to activate the Protocol of contagious diseases to protect officials. There are 16 prisoners subject to special surveillance in prison in Murcia

Prisons Acaip Union already has asked the Ministry of the Interior the activation of the Protocol 1302 of contagious diseases


Tuberculosis is not eradicated in Spain. Thus from forceful shown from Penitentiary institutions. There are currently at least four confirmed cases of inmates who have the disease in other many Spanish prisons and 16 prisoners more than they are being watched because they are suspected of having contracted the disease, according to prison sources confirmed.

The four cases are in the prisons of Soto del Real, Valdemoro, Murcia and Las Palmas.


The introduction of mobile in the jail of Topas, workhorse of prisons


Salamanca | 08 de July de 2015

Source: La Gaceta de Salamanca

The increase in searches by officials uncovered the massive use of cell, hidden in cans of beer, slippers or in books.

A prisoner can never have a mobile phone in prison. That is what the prison rules, however in the last few months and as a result of the increase in searches to internally detected a pick up at the terminals in the Topas prison entrance, according to prison sources, that in the absence of the total computation refer to dozens of phones seized in the searches carried out by the officials designated to inmates especially since March or April.

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Angel Yuste... "The accused"


Madrid | 05 de July de 2015

Source: Diario El Mundo


Some 18 years of illegal health and fecal discharges, «profusion of suspended organic particles», from the prison of Albolote (Granada) to the contiguous stream of the Juncal have caused the imputation of Angel Yuste and Mercedes Gallizo, current and former heads of penitentiary institutions respectively, three charges: trespass negligent, crime against the management of the territory and the crime against the environment.


PDF Download article in EL MUNDO (PDF document)


Convocaria body optional II selective process. PP


Madrid | 03 de July de 2015


Body optional prison health

Order INT/1322/2015, 26 June, announces selection process for income, by the general system of access to the optional body of prison health.


Prison rule out preferential treatment to Isabel Pantoja after an investigation read more: prison rule out preferential treatment to Isabel Pantoja after an investigation.


Seville | 02 de July de 2015



Source: confidential

The inspection services of the General Secretariat of institutions prison have flatly ruled out that there is try to please internal Isabel Pantoja. After ten days of research in the prison of Alcalá de Guadaira, two officials of the prison inspection have dismantled in its conclusions point-by-point the so-called preferential treatment.

Call body of adjutant of II. PP 2015


Madrid | 02 de July de 2015

Adjutant Corps of penitentiary institutions

Order INT/1310/2015, of 25 June, announces selection process for entry, by the general system of open access, in the body of assistants of penitentiary institutions.


Posted 4/2015 the SGIIPP instruction


Madrid | 01 de July de 2015

Indications for the adequacy of the reform of the Criminal Code of the sentence


DescargarDownload (PDF document)


Publication BOE resolution implementation contest transfers 2012


Madrid | 30 de June de 2015

Resolution of June 25, 2015, of the Secretary of State for security, why, in execution of judgment, modifies the one of October 8, 2012, which resolves the general competition, organised by resolution of March 23, 2012, in the peripheral services of the General Secretariat of penitentiary institutions and the autonomous organism of prison labour and employment training.


The period of inauguration starts counting from the day following the termination, which must be performed within the working tresdias following the publication of this resolution in the «official State Bulletin».


PDF (BOE-A-2015-7245 - 2 pp. - 151 KB)


An inmate from the C.P Seville I stabbed repeatedly


Seville | 28 de June de 2015

In the present day, there has been a serious incident in the compliance unit of the penitentiary of Seville I when an inmate of the 53 module has been stabbed repeatedly suffering several wounds in the abdomen.

The facts, which occurred half late, not led to more serious consequences given rapid and effective intervention of officials in service on the module which houses 70 inmates, most of them suffering from serious psychiatric illnesses as well as various addictive diseases.


PDF Acaip download links (PDF document)


Inside a PP exconcejal Awards with 'bespoke' work in a Madrid jail


Madrid | 27 de June de 2015

Ffont: Vox Populi

Four unions accuse of penitentiary institutions give preferential treatment to the exteniente of Mayor of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), Jesús Domínguez, prison officer which has recolado in a 'comfortable' position without losing an economic plus.

Trade unions of the Madrid II-Meco Penitentiary Centre considered that the preferential treatment to the Mayor exteniente "generated unrest among the rest of workers of the Centre".

The so-called preferential treatment to Isabel Pantoja at the Seville prison where serving sentence is not the only case of 'enchufismo' waving Spanish prisons in recent days. Trade Union representatives from the Madrid II prison, located in the municipal term of Meco (Madrid), have registered a notice on the Ministry of the Interior to denounce the alleged awarding of a job 'bespoke' to a coworker that during the past eight years has occupied a public office by the PP and now is has reincoporado to her berth of prison officers.


Open period modification uniform sizing


Madrid | 26 de June de 2015

In the coming months it will send a new batch of uniform clothing for officials in the prisons, so it is necessary that staff responsible for the delivery of these items in each centre, check with stakeholders the sizes of each worker in the UNIFORECI database. In this way, is may correct errors detected in clothing or in the assigned sizes.

The corrections period will start on June 22 and will be open initially, until the day 17 July 2015.

PDF SGIIPP download links (PDF document)


Acaip urges parliamentary groups the attendance of the Minister of the interior


Madrid | 23 de June de 2015

Don José Ramón López, Acting President of the grouping of the bodies of the administration of penitentiaries (Acaip), majority Trade Union in the Sector, hereby wants to inform the situation that is living in the last days in our field in relation to the different information that are happening in the media in relation to the internal Doña María Isabel Pantoja.


PDF Download Acaip solicitude to the parliamentary groups of the PSOE, UPyD and Plural left (PDF document)


56 Pantoja prison officials charged against the Director: 'This is not a particular hotel'


Alcalá de Guadaira | 23 de June de 2015

Source: The world

  • A total of 87 officials from Alcala de Guadaira 56 signs a hard letter ratifying all try them please to the popular singer published by EL MUNDO

  • They ensure that Isabel Cabello, the Director, has repeatedly lied about the situation in the prison by denying the preferential treatment the singer

  • > > > Read the notice of officials to the SGIIPP

  • In a written demolisher registered in the delegation of the Government of Andalusia, 56 of 87 officers inside the prison of Alcalá de Guadaíra have charged against the Director of the Center, Elizabeth hair, for they repeatedly lying when it denied last week the published in EL MUNDO Isabel Pantoja privileges. [Read the letter in PDF]


The Union of prison ACAIP denounces "three attacks in the Centre of Tahiche"


Madrid | 21 de June de 2015

Source: The voice of Lanzarote


ACAIP trade union section of the prison Tahíche denounces via press release, the third assault suffered two officers and the physician of the Center by an inmate in just two days.

According to the Union, the incident took place on June 18, "day that occurs in the module of nursing a attempt at fight between two inmates. " Official who develops service in such Department noting that fact tries to mediate in the conflict, being beaten repeatedly by the J. M. M. internal L. After the fast performance of the rest of the officials get reduce the inmate and move to the internal insulation module", they added.




Madrid | 19 de June de 2015

Acaip has returned to win elections in our area con more than 43% of the vote, obtaining 5438 votes at the tables of prisons; next to them has been 723 votes in other tables that voted different prisons. Therefore, and since 1992 we remain as the majority force in our industry.

We want to thank all those who have voted us the confidence which you listed in this organization and with all partners are committed to change the dynamics in these next four years and to improve working conditions have deteriorated so much


PDF Acaip download links (PDF document)


Alcalá de Guadaira officials support at the polls to the Trade Union who denounced the privileges of Isabel Pantoja


Seville | 19 de June de 2015

Source: The world

Acaip win union elections with more than twice as many votes.

Officials in the prison of Alcalá de Guadaira endorsed Thursday mostly the complaints on the privileges of the popular singer Isabel Pantoja at the penitentiary, published in recent days exclusively in this journal. And they did so by means of the vote, getting ballots in the ballot box.


Acaip Union confirmed the privileges of Pantoja and calls for the cessation of the Director of the prison


Madrid | 18 de June de 2015

Source: The world

  • The majority Union denounces 'contempt' for the authority of officials

  • 'Regimental life' prison 'revolves around' the popular singer, assumes Acaip

  • "The address linked, one after another, internal orders and requests for anomalous writings, which do not come but to undermine the exercise of public functions to persist in belittling the authority that we as civil servants. Therefore, making regimental life turn around inner mentioned above the normal development of the tasks entrusted by prison rules, template expresses to us mostly labour homelessness that are suffering to the measures imposed by the address".




Madrid | 17 de June de 2015

With today's date, 17 June 2015 have been held Union elections in the prisons of Alicante, obtaining Acaip 249 votes



PDF Download election results in Alicante (PDF document)


About the hypothetical "extra day" for the prison public employees


Madrid | 17 de June de 2015



3 day special request:

The platform in defence of the public model of prisons, requested by letter, an additional day by workload for all workers and prison employees.

The prison administration says that is assessing it and their reserve requirements in the regulations of hours instruction who is emerging. In principle his idea is that the day of la Merced is a non-working day and to be compensate the rest of the staff.

Remember the guys from CCOO that the request for a day more for all employees of penitentiary institutions per day of la Merced was requested by Acaip on November 7, 2014


PDF Download Acaip written requesting a day by la Merced (PDF document)

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